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Special 1: The Power of ICT for sustainability and beyond

Special 1 The Power of ICT for sustainability and beyond Aiming to create a sustainable society

Toward a Hyper-Connected World where Everything is Connected through the Internet

The number of global Internet users has surpassed 2.7 billion, while the number of appliances, vehicles, and other devices connected to the Internet grows beyond 10 billion. Sensors are even being embedded with social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and electric power equipment, letting people capture the state of things over the Internet in real time. Expanding in front of us is a hyper-connected world in which people are connected to each other more deeply than ever.

Key Digital Considerations Looking to 2020

We Create Human Centric Innovation Fujitsu empowers the creativity and problem-solving capabilities of people, and provides ICT environments for the creation of new innovation.

In a hyperconnected world there are three key dimensions for the creation of innovation – people, information and infrastructure. Fujitsu aims to realize business and social value by providing solutions and services that bring together these three dimensions, we call this approach Human Centric Innovation. As an innovation partner for customers, Fujitsu will provide a portfolio of necessary technologies and services, and will focus on business activities to realize innovation.

Realizing Human Centric Innovation from Three DimensionsRealizing Human Centric Innovation from Three Dimensions

Modern Society Faces a Mountain of Issues that Threaten the Sustainability of the Earth and Society.

The spread of ICT has brought the people of the world closer together, and creates a driving force behind global economic growth and affluence. At the same time, there is no denying the series of distortions appearing in the growth of modern society, including the worsening scale of climate change and natural disasters, and the shortages of food, water, and energy that accompany population increase.

Key Social Considerations Looking to 2030

We create Social Innovation Together with customers, Fujitsu will advance the social innovation that will resolve societal issues through the power of ICT.

Numerous governments, NPOs, NGOs, and international institutions are cooperating to resolve a mountain of global social issues. Fujitsu believes that we can contribute to more speedy resolution of these issues by effectively using the human resources, technologies, expertise, information infrastructure, and other resources held by companies. The power of ICT is moving beyond the creation of business efficiency and transformation of processes, and now holds the power to transform society.

Business innovation will develop into the construction of value chains that extend beyond specific industries, and will lead to the achievement of better societies. With the power of ICT as our leveraging point, Fujitsu is working to realize a Human Centric Intelligent Society in which all can participate proactively in the creation of a sustainable society.

Conceptual Image of Human Centric InnovationConceptual Image of Human Centric Innovation