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History of Fujitsu 1992-2001

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A Shift to Solutions and Services (1992 - 2001)

Fujitsu does not only sell products but also solves customers' problems and helps them achieve their business objectives using the company's technology. This has always been Fujitsu's philosophy since its foundation. By placing an emphasis on services, Fujitsu continues to find new ways to deliver on its promise.


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Unveils PROPOSE, an integrated services framework for information and communication systems
  • Releases VPP 500, the world's fastest vector parallel supercomputer

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Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Selected as a supplier of broadband-ISDN switching systems by a U.S. carrier; receives order for FETEX-150, the world's first commercial Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM) switching system
  • Introduces FMV Series of personal computers supporting Microsoft Windows

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Historical Events

  • Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
  • Microsoft releases Windows 95

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Opens Tatebayashi System Center as base for outsourcing services
  • Releases FMV-BIBLO, B5-size software preinstalled notebook computer
  • Introduces new GS8000 series, global server employing the world's fastest CMOS general-purpose processor and parallel processing technology
  • Commercializes world's first 42-inch color plasma display

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Historical Events

  • Hong Kong reverts to China

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Amdahl Corporation becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu
  • Announces SOLUTIONVISION, a new business architecture featuring network computing solutions


Historical Events

  • Nagano Winter Olympics
  • Google established
  • EU introduces the euro currency

Fujitsu Milestones

  • ICL becomes a wholly owned subsidiary
  • Fujitsu Laboratories Limited awarded Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon from Japanese Government for development of high electron mobility transistors (HEMT)
  • Develops NAND-type flash memory

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Historical Events

  • i-mode (first cell phone internet service) released in Japan
  • Y2K

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Announces "Everything on the Internet" business strategy
  • Introduces environmental accounting system, a first in Japan
  • Announces Fujitsu Siemens Computers, a joint venture with Germany-based Siemens AG
  • Merges internet service InfoWeb, with online information service, NIFTY-serve, to form @nifty internet service provider
  • Succeeds in world's first 1 terabit/sec optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transmission over a distance of 10,000km
  • Releases first i-mode cell-phone, Digital mova F501i HYPER


Historical Events

  • Sydney Olympics
  • Proportion of people in their 20s with cell-phones reaches 90% in Japan
  • IT bubble bursts

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Unveils world's highest capacity (1.76Tbps) optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transmission system

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Historical Events

  • September 11 attacks in United States

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Begins delivery of IMT-2000 switching system
  • Releases mova F671i cell-phone (employing universal design)
  • Releases FMV-BIBLO LOOX, world's first mobile computer offering built-in 64Kbps wireless data transmission

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