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History of Fujitsu 1980-1991

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A Decade of Personalization (1980-1991)

Nowadays, when we think of computers, the first thing that comes to most people's minds is the personal computer. When people originally talked about computers, they usually meant mainframes and other large computers designed for business use. Fujitsu's original focus was also on these large business computers. Things changed, however, with the advent of Microsoft's Windows operating system.


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Becomes largest computer company in Japan
  • Opens Iwate Plant (merges memory chip mass production line from Aizu Plant)
  • Fujitsu Laboratories succeeds in development of High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)
  • Introduces Japanese word processor, OASYS100

OASYS 100Open a new window

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Historical Events

  • Number of telephone subscribers exceeds 40 million in Japan

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Opens San Diego Plant in California, U.S.A., and begins local production of semiconductors
  • Lists stock on London Stock Exchange
  • Receives orders from Singapore for world's first fully digital electronic switching system, the FETEX-150
  • Delivers Fujitsu's first optical submarine repeater to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
  • Introduces Fujitsu's first personal computer, FM-8
  • Introduces Fujitsu's first business-use personal computer, FACOM9450

Digital Switching System FETEX-150Open a new window

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Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • MCI project (135 Mbps fiber optical system) is opened to traffic

D70-type Digital Electronic Switching SystemOpen a new window

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Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Lists stock on the Zurich, Basel, and Geneva stock exchanges (merged now as the SWX Swiss Exchange)
  • Introduces world's first CMOS 256 KB EPROM

FACOM9450-IIOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Deregulation of Japanese telecommunication market
  • U.S. based AT&T is split up

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Opens Dallas Plant in U.S.
  • Opens Mie Plant for prototype development and mass production of large-density memories and large-scale gate arrays
  • Opens Wakamatsu Plant for prototype development and mass production of customized LSI products
  • Introduces Corporate Information Network System (COINS)
  • Starts car phone production
  • FACOM K series leads small business computer market in Japan

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Historical Events

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation privatized
  • Science World Expo, Tsukuba '85 in Japan
  • Japan longitudinal fiber-optic system completed

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Exhibits at Science World Expo, Tsukuba"FUJITSU Pavilion"
  • Delivers 405M optical transmission system for New York-to-Washington MAFOS project
  • Launches FENICS Value Added Network (VAN) service

Tsukuba "FUJITSU Pavilion"

810M Optical Transmission SystemOpen a new window

FACOM M-780 Model GroupOpen a new window

1M-bit DRAMOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Seoul Olympics

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Launches world's first commercial ISDN service, running on Fujitsu FETEX-150 digital switching system in Singapore


Historical Events

  • Berlin Wall falls in Germany

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Adopts new corporate logo
  • Unveils FM TOWNS 32-bit"hyper-media" personal computer

New Synchronous Optical Transmission SystemOpen a new window

FM TOWNSOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Iraqi troops invade Kuwait
  • German reunification

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Takes 80% stake in UK-based International Computers Limited (ICL)
  • Releases M-1800, the world's fastest ultra-large general-purpose computer

FUJITSU M-1800 Model GroupOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Outbreak of the Gulf War

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Launches DS/90 7000 Series UNIX computer

FLM150ADM Optical Ring Transmission SystemOpen a new window

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