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History of Fujitsu 1970-1979

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A Wave of International Standardization (1970-1979)

The history of technology is also a history of standardization. Even if manufacturers build products to their own standards, if a product becomes a de facto standard, other manufacturers will try to make products compatible with it. Computers were no exception, and Fujitsu was at a cross road in its road to growth.


Historical Events

  • Osaka Expo

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Fujitsu Information Processing System Laboratory construction completes.


Historical Events

  • Dollar Shock

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Invests in Amdahl Corporation (U.S.)
  • Delivers D10 analog electronic switching system
  • Starts commercial production of Model 600 push-button telephone
  • World's first practical application of"self-holding reed" switches
  • Fujitsu and Hitachi corporation started for development of next generation computer series.


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Establishes Japan America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS) in Hawaii with the aim of developing business leaders
  • FUJITSU FANUC LTD is established. (current FANUC Corporation)
  • Develops Japan's largest pollution monitoring system implemented in Kawasaki city


Historical Events

  • Japan changes to flexible exchange rate system
  • First Oil Shock

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Delivers world's first Single Channel Per Carrier(SCPC) satellite communications system (a data line between the U.S. and Spain)


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Introduces FACOM M series of mainframe computers

32M Optical Transmission EquipmentOpen a new window


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Delivers Amdahl Corporation's 470 V/6 mainframe computer to NASA
  • Exports Japan's first submarine coaxial cable system (210km between West Germany and Sweden)

Submarine coaxial cable system between West Germany and Sweden

CS-12M Submarine Coaxial Cable RepeaterOpen a new window


Amdahl 470V/6Open a new window


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Lists stock on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Opens Numazu plant for production of large-scale computers
  • Ships first IBM compatible FACOM M Series computer

10-Series Multiplex RadioOpen a new window

FACOM M-190Open a new window

FACOM M-200 LSI DeviceOpen a new window



Historical Events

  • Japanese baseball player Sadaharu Oh hits 756th home run (world record)

Fujitsu Milestones

  • FACOM230-75 APU, Japan's first supercomputer, developed


Historical Events

  • Second Oil Shock
  • Narita International Airport in Japan opens

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Concludes Joint-venture agreement with Siemens AG in computing products field
  • Receives order from Satellite Business Systems (U.S.) for world's first satellite communications burst modem
  • Commercializes world's first 64-Kbit RAM (dual power supply)

FACOM M-200Open a new window



Historical Events

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation completes nationwide direct dial telephone network in Japan

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Participates in Bell Labs' commercial viability tests of American-type cellular handsets
  • Announces Japanese Processing Extended Features (JEF), making it possible to process Japanese kanji characters

FACOM V-830Open a new window

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