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History of Fujitsu 1959-1969

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A Decade of Bold Moves (1959-1969)

With the FACOM100, Fujitsu had succeeded in developing a computer. But the company still wasn't ready to fully commit itself to the computer business. Fujitsu's fifth president, Kanjiro Okada, then made a crucial decision to bet the company's future on computers. The writing in the photograph, meaning"Infinite Growth" in Japanese, is a corporate slogan espoused by Okada. It was with this spirit of challenge that Okada carried out a series of business reforms aimed at making Fujitsu a leader in the computer industry.


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Opens Oyama plant for mass production of telecommunication equipment
  • Delivers first FACOM212 parametron computer to Japan Electronic Industry Devlopment Association (currently JEITA, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)


Historical Events

  • Japanese Cabinet adopts"GNP doubling plan"
  • Color television broadcast begins in Japan

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Unveils Japan's first open-loop numerically controlled device


Historical Events

  • Soviet Union's Vostok 1 is first successful human spaceflight

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Unveils Fujitsu's first transistor based large-business computer, the FACOM222


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Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Changes corporate logo
  • President Kanjiro Okada advocates"Infinite Growth"
  • Starts delivery of C12MHz vacuum tube coaxial cable carrier devices (2700ch) to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation

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Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Begins commercial production of Type 600 Telephone
  • Unveils 4MHz coaxial transistorized terminal equipment
  • Exports Japan's first computer, the FACOM212 parametron computer, to Philippines

Type 600 TelephoneOpen a new window

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Historical Events

  • Tokyo Olympics

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Delivers Japan's first data communications system, FACOM 323, to Nikko Securities Co., Ltd.


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Unveils FACOM230-10. Fujitsu receives 1000 orders in the first five years, making the FACOM230-10 the best-selling domestically-produced computer in Japan at that time
  • Delivers FACOM230 data communications system to the Japanese Ministry of Labor

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Historical Events

  • Annual production of Japan's electronics industry exceeds 1 trillion yen

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Begins mass production of integrated circuits(IC) at Kawasaki Plant
  • Opens Nagano Plant for mass production of computers
  • Launches"high reliability" campaign
  • Begins delivery of PCM-24 carrier device
  • The "FACOM Totalizator System" is completed and delivered to the Japan Racing Association, started its deliveries to NRA (Nippon Racing Association), current JRA (Japan Racing Associtation)

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Historical Events

  • Japan's population exceeds 100 million
  • Environmental Pollution Protection Act goes into effect

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Formally changes Japanese name to Fujitsu Kabushiki Kaisha (Fujitsu Limited)
  • Establishes New York Representative Office as first office outside Japan
  • Opens Aizu Plant for mass production of acoustic equipment and semiconductor components

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Historical Events

  • In Japan, the number of telephone subscribers exceeds 10 million
  • Japan's GNP ranks second in the world following the United States

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Establishes Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Research and Development Center
  • Establishes Fujitsu California Inc. as Fujitsu Limited's first overseas subsidiary
  • Opens Akashi Plant after Kobe Kogyo Corporation merger
  • Opens Minamitama Plant
  • Releases FACOM230-60 which becomes runaway best seller
  • Implements Nationwide regional bank online system
  • Delivers online deposit system to Dai-Ichi Bank, Ltd. (now Mizuho Bank)

Nationwide regional bank online system

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Historical Events

  • America's Apollo 11 lands on lunar surface and first human walks on the moon

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Exports C400 crossbar switching system to Taiwan
  • Delivers Japan's first submarine repeater (CS-10M, 900ch) to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
  • Completes multiplex radio communication network (2500km) in Malaysia

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