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History of Fujitsu 1950-1958

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The Dawn of Fujitsu's Computer Business (1950-1958)

Fujitsu's FACOM100 was Japan's first relay-type automated computer. Surrounding the FACOM100 are Toshio Ikeda, the Fujitsu engineer known as"Mr. Computer" in Japanese computer history, and Dr. Hideki Yukawa, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics. Telecommunications equipment was Fujitsu's core business at the time and the FACOM100 used telephone switches.


Historical Events

  • Outbreak of Korean War

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Begins commercial production of Type 4 telephone set (monthly production reaches 5000 units)

Type 4 telephone setOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Commercial broadcasting begins in Japan

Fujitsu Milestones


Historical Events

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation is established

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Resumes technical cooperation with Siemens

Signing agreement with Siemens AG


Historical Events

  • Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) begins television broadcasts

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Restarts manufacture of radio communications equipment


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Unveils miniaturized M-type carrier device and contributes to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation-led postwar reconstruction of communications infrastructure
  • Unveils Japan's first relay type computer, the FACOM100

PPM Radio DeviceOpen a new window

FACOM100Open a new window


Historical Events

  • Japan's rapid economic growth period begins

Fujitsu Milestones

Vtype coatial cable transmissionOpen a new window


Historical Events

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Ships FACOM128A scientific computer (the Fujitsu's first commercial computer)

FACOM128AOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Soviet Union successfully launches world's first satellite, Sputnik 1

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Delivers Fujitsu's first multiplex radio device (2GHz / FM) to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation

Multiplex Radio Device (2GHz / FM)Open a new window

FACOM138AOpen a new window


Historical Events

  • Tokyo Tower completed

Tokyo Tower

Fujitsu Milestones

  • Conducts field test of all-transistor switching system installed in Antarctic research ship"Soya"
  • Begins delivery of first transistorized"T-type short-distance" carrier device
  • Develops Japan's first numerically controlled (NC) device, the FANUC201A
  • Opens Japan's first computer showroom in central Tokyo
  • Unveils FACOM200 parametron computer

Cross-bar type Switching System C30AOpen a new window

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