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    Belltech cooperates with Fujitsu to establish PoS Solutions as GlobalSTORE and StoreCenter in Chile
    Belltech now offers Fujitsu’s Retail Suite, comprising Fujitsu GlobalSTORE and Fujitsu StoreCENTER, as well as Fujitsu EPOS
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    Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School teaches with Fujitsu tablets and education applications
    Pupils sitting at desks using tablet computers, some are wearing headphones Satit CU is participating in the Fujitsu ‘Learning Project of Tomorrow’ where tablets and education applications are utilized for effective learning. In the project, eight subjects are taught and one learning development activity is also performed.
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    The new Thin Client VDI infrastructure at King Fahad Medical City is more efficient, significantly cost-effective, and highly reliable
    Doctor holding up an X-Ray of a persons chest Since its foundation in 2004, KFMC has relied on a traditional client-server model for its user devices. Over 1,000 fully-featured PCs were spread across the facility for use by doctors, nurses and administration. However, there were numerous risks and costs attached to managing and maintaining this estate.
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    Financial and Operational Reports of Al Nasser Group are available much faster with PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA
    Al Nasser was running its business on an outdated ERP platform that struggled to produce reports and dashboards in a timely fashion and could not support the company’s plans for strategic growth.
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    Fujitsu(富士通)PRIMEQUEST关键业务开放服务器,采用长期积淀的、源于数代计算机系统研发的卓越技术,提供高端服务器性能。为您提供具备最大化成本效率和运行时间,支持工业标准的开放式系统-Red Hat® 企业版Linux®, Microsoft® Windows Server® 和VMware®。
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    Cloud Starter Kit easily sets up Fujitsu Local Cloud Platform in Vietnam
    To adjust to current industry changes for ICT, FVL looked to provision cloud services. However in doing so, FVL faced a number of challenges regarding a lack of expertise and the need for reliability, flexibility and expansion of the cloud based solution.
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    Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan counts on PRIMEQUEST 2800B2 server which supports business growth and business continuity
    Woman taking money out from a cash machine Halyk Bank uses hardware from multiple vendors with x86 servers from three different vendors, including Fujitsu. Overall, the different vendors account for approximately the same share of hardware in the bank’s IT infrastructure. If each blade in the chassis is considered as a server, Halyk Bank has purchased some 400 servers during its cooperation with Fujitsu.
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    ETERNUS 存储系统成功案例
    FUJITSU ETERNUS磁盘存储系统具备出色的可扩展性并采用顶尖的技术,达到了所有基准测试中最严格的标准:可靠性。当企业用户将数据交拖给存储解决方案时,他们需要确保其数据在未来数年内仍是可检索的。
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    FUJITSU SPARC 服务器是新一代UNIX服务器,能够节省成本,加快开发速度并实现系统标准化,而且具备可与大型机匹敌的高性能、高可用性和高可靠性。
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    PRIMERGY 工业标准服务器成功案例
    FUJITSU PRIMERGY 服务器基于工业标准架构,可帮助用户实现事半功倍的工作效率。PRIMERGY服务器采用英特尔®至强®处理器,高可靠性构建强大的平台架构。PRIMERGY服务器拥有完整的产品线,满足用户多变的业务需求。
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    PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes enables Nakilat a flexible and cost-efficient SAP HANA operation
    A large ship, the Liquid Nqtural Gas tanker - Mozah,  with a red hull and green and beige upper decks In the past, Nakilat operated multiple servers with six storage devices dispersed across its three main lines of business. The organization had an interest in implementing a consolidated IT environment that would unify the company, reduce operational demands and make Nakilat SAP HANA<sup>®</sup> equipped.
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    Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation profits from new PRIMERGY and ETERNUS virtualized infrastructure
    A row of new white Hondas HPMC had a traditional physical server infrastructure which was energy-intensive and took up lots of space. When this hardware approached end-of-life, the company decided to modernize its approach to IT and introduce a virtualized environment.
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