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Do you have a technical enquiry about one of our products, want to know what to do in the event of a warranty claim, are you looking for service information or current drivers for your product? On our support page you will find many answers to your questions and much more. And you can't find the contact us information.

Fujitsu Tools (PC Architect)

Easy configuration of a new system with our PC-/and system architect.

With the PC Architect from Fujitsu you can configure your desired system within minutes. Including export function to MS Word/Excel.
There is no general user for download anymore. An existing CPP account MUST be used. If you do not have a CPP account yet, you can register with the following link: Register as CPP User

PC- / System Architect

With the PC Architect from Fujitsu you can configure your desired system within minutes. Including export function to MS Word/Excel.

The PC Architect and System Architect can be installed by running the installation program directly from the web server. You can also download the installation program to your PC and then install it by running this program. You will be guided through the installation with several information windows and do not need any database knowledge or additional information for the successful installation of the PC/SystemArchitect.

PC- / SystemArchitect

The installation programs do not contain configuration and price databases. These databases are provided as delta updates on a web server for you to reduce the transfer volume. For the comfortable handling of the database update, the current version of the PC/System Architect has a function for automatic update of the configuration and price databases.
When the PC is started, the validity of the databases installed on your PC is checked and updated if necessary. To do this, the PC requires a fixed or selected network connection to the Internet.

Only by using this automatic update can a synchronous database be ensured from the configuration user to the order receipt and the error frequency due to different product/price database statuses can be minimized.

Software / Downloads

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Installation description

Download path(deutsch / englisch)

Mark the text below and insert it into the program "Check for updates and configuration"
  • Deutsch:
  • Englisch:

If you have problems with the "Check for Updates" function in PC Architect, please download the latest database manually. Then start the database (Load_xxx_e.exe) to perform the update.

Fujitsu Tools (Deskupdate)

Current drivers and updates for your system with DeskUpdate

DeskUpdate is an application for automatic installation of software such as device drivers and utilities and BIOS update.


  • Please check if your system is listed in the compatibility list with the corresponding operating system.
  • At least one network driver must be installed and you must be connected to the Internet. (Network drivers for your system can also be found in the compatibility list).
  • We recommend using a high-speed Internet connection (download speed > 1 MBit), as large amounts of data are transferred.
  • Download the DeskUpdate software and unpack it on your system. No installation is necessary.
  • Start the file "DeskUpdate.exe" and follow the instructions.


  • The installation of the whole system can take several minutes.
  • Only hardware that was included in the original delivery of your system is supported.
  • Please confirm the dialog window "Found New Hardware Wizard" that appears during the installation with "Cancel".
  • For technical reasons, DeskUpdate cannot detect and install every software automatically. Therefore, please check hereOpen a new window, if additional drivers and software for manual installation are available.


  • Your connection to Fujitsu is encrypted with SSL.
  • The name of the operating system and the device ID are read out and transmitted to Fujitsu.


Install DeskUpdate


In order to use the purchased services, it is essential that the Fujitsu Support Pack is activated after purchase. To activate, please have the activation key (see certificate), the identification/serial number of the hardware product in question and enter this number together with the location and contact information.

Activate Support Pack (in french)

Spare part portal

Below are the spare parts processes and their possibilities according to the provisions of the respective warranty of the systems.

Fujitsu Spare Parts Inquiries
For spare parts inquiries and orders please send an email to logistik.ch@fujitsu.com. Attention: NEW Email Address

Spare parts sales
Authorized Service Partners (SP) order the necessary spare parts via your PEC account.
All end customers and reseller partners can send their request to the following e-mail address: logistik.ch@fujitsu.com. Attention: NEW Email Address
All Fujitsu distributors, resellers and service partners are entitled to discounts.

Spare parts exchange
Authorized Service Partners (SP) order the required spare parts via your WCM account.

End customers and reseller partners have the possibility to order spare parts via contact form. Please insert the note "Parts Only Case" in the field Error Description* in the contact form
The warranty status can be checked with the adjoining link.

The following conditions must be met:

  • Device is under warranty
  • The required spare part is a CRU (Customer Replaceable Unit) part, see spare parts information
If you need a non CRU spare part, please use the contact form (see right) to place an order.


Our Customer Interaction Center will be pleased to tell you all about Fujitsu's services, solutions and products. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

00800 37210000*

We are there for you from Mo - Fr 08:00 -18:00

* Free of charge from all networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


FUJITSU Support Pack Hardware

With its Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware, Fujitsu offers support services for hardware that include the diagnosis and resolution of hardware faults through repair or replacement. Depending on the type of IT hardware and the corresponding manufacturer's warranty, Fujitsu offers support services at the customer site (on-site services) or at a Fujitsu service point (off-site services).

Hardware support services include the diagnosis of hardware faults and their elimination through repair or replacement. The spare parts are new or as good as new. The replaced parts become the property of Fujitsu or the authorized service partner commissioned by Fujitsu.

For example:

  • Extend the contract period (performance period) from 3 to 5 years
  • Change the service type from Collect & Return Service to On-site Service
  • Increase the response time from next working day to 4 hours.

The contract period begins with the start of the warranty period (date of purchase) of the hardware product and ends automatically after the agreed service period has expired.

Fujitsu Support Pack Finder
Support Pack Finder (in french)

Hard Disk Retention

This option of the Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware is intended for customers who do not wish to hand over data carriers (hard disk drives, SSDs, UFM devices or SATA DOMs) containing confidential data to Fujitsu or the appointed authorized service partner in case of service. Customers who opt for this option of the Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware may keep service-authorized, defective data media.

Proactive Support

This option of the Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware was introduced to meet increasing customer demands for system availability and includes the following key features:

  • Regular monitoring of system event log files for the hardware and operating system to plan the necessary actions
  • Regular overview of firmware & BIOS versions to plan updates
  • Presentation and discussion of corrective actions as a consequence of the System Health Check (Technical Account Management)

For further information please refer to the Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware data sheet.

FUJITSU Support Pack Software

With the Fujitsu Support Pack Software Fujitsu offers support services for selected software products. These services include the diagnosis of software errors, troubleshooting through workarounds and/or the provision of software corrections where available. Depending on the software product, software versions with new features will be provided upon customer request.

Unless otherwise specified in the Technical Annex for the respective product, the following scope of service applies:

Technical Support

Technical support includes fault acceptance and assistance with fault diagnosis and the provision of potential initial workarounds by telephone or remote access. Technical support is provided "remotely" from a remote location.

Software Maintenance

Software corrections and patches to correct errors in the software are provided as soon as they are released by the respective software manufacturer. Depending on the vendor, these may be individual patches, patch packages or correction versions. All necessary additional information is contained in the Technical Annex of the respective software product.

Further information can be found in the Fujitsu Support Pack Software data sheet.


The Fujitsu Support Pack can:

  • directly together with the order of a hardware product or
  • be purchased within 90 days of the date of purchase of a hardware product

In the Reseller Locator you can find a reseller near you who will also help you with questions about Fujitsu Support Packs.

FUJITSU ServiceContract Hardware

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the ServiceContract Hardware can be concluded for this product at any time within the lifetime applicable to the product up to 12 months before the end of service (EOS) for this product. Fujitsu reserves the right to test the usability of the respective product prior to the commencement of the contract and shall determine this in agreement with the customer and at the customer's expense.

Further information can be found in the Fujitsu ServiceContract Hardware data sheet

Links and Downloads

Datasheet Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware


Datasheet FUJITSU Support Pack Software


Datasheet Fujitsu ServiceContract Hardware


Country specific support conditions
The support conditions define the local conditions referred to in the service data sheets for the respective country. The Support Terms and Conditions also list the countries that are enabled for the transfer of Support Pack hardware.

Support conditions

Overview of the service codes


For our entire product range, we provide a qualified and comprehensive range of services with local service partners throughout the country.

- 4 languages (German, English, French, Italian)
- Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00

Phone: 0848 808 505

Fujitsu Support Informationen

You have a problem with your Fujitsu device. Here you will find all the important information (telephone numbers, addresses and contact persons) to help you solve the problem quickly.

For problem inquiries and repairs please use this number: 0848 808 505

Fujitsu will carry out standard warranty repairs at its repair center in Bachenbülach with its own Fujitsu technicians.

Please hand in the defective devices at the goods receiving department of Planzer Transport AG!

This includes the following guarantees:Collect & Return | Bring-In | Send-In

Repair Center / Replacement parts

Fujitsu Technology Solutions AG
Repair Center
c/o Planzer Transport AG
Weieracherstrasse 12
8184 Bachenbülach

Opening hours: Mo - Fr 08:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Phone: +41 58 258-8181
eMail: servicecenter.ch@ts.fujitsu.com


Support Form

Further informative links

Status of your repair order:

Status of your repair

Warranty information for your product:

Warranty Information

Here you can find out about the scope and provision of warranty services and the types of warranty offered by Fujitsu. You will also find further useful information, e.g. on the procedure to be followed in the event of a warranty claim and availability or on the Fujitsu offer for product support services.

Fujitsu Service Partner

For our entire product range, we provide a qualified and comprehensive range of services with local service partners throughout the country.

Repair Center
Fujitsu Technology Solutions AG
Weieracherstrasse 12
8184 Bachenbülach

Baggenstos A. & Co. AG
Neugutstr. 14
8304 Wallisellen
Tel.: 044 832 66 66
eMail: ithelp@Baggenstos.ch

Computacenter AG
Riedstr. 14
8953 Dietikon
Tel.: 043 322 40 80
eMail: fujitsu@computacenter.ch

RCS EDV Dienstleistungen GmbH
Mühlentalstrasse 28
8200 Schaffhausen
Tel.: 052 624 01 28
eMail: info@rcs-repair.ch

RTS Elektronik Systeme GmbH
c/o STEAM Computer GmbH
Lindenheimweg 1
6032 Emmen
Monitor SWAP only!
eMail: info@steam.ch

Via Cantonale 2
6928 Manno
Tel.: 091 605 54 54
eMail: info@soplink.com

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