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  3. Media pack for Trial Use ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser V15, ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager V15

Media pack for Trial Use
ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser V15
ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager V15

How to download and install modules.

  1. Media packs are available as multi-part files of the iso image.
  2. The MD5 checksum for each file is provided in the [Module File Detail] column and can be used to verify the validity of the downloaded file.
  3. Please consult the [Module file detail] column about the method to combine the downloaded part files into a single iso file. The resulting file MD5 checksum for the combined iso file must be the same as the corresponding single iso file MD5 described in [Module file detail] text file.
  4. Install ETERNUS SF V15 Product following the procedure described in the included manual (*)
    (* The manual can also be found at the URL:


Table Caption
Version V15.3A (July 2013)
Product AdvancedCopy Manager
Storage Cruiser
Download Modules
(Part files)
Manager for Windows icon-download1/7 Manager (250 MB)
icon-download2/7 Manager (250 MB)
icon-download3/7 Manager (250 MB)
icon-download4/7 Manager (250 MB)
icon-download5/7 Manager (250 MB)
icon-download6/7 Manager (250 MB)
icon-download7/7 Manager (196 MB)
Agents for all supported
platforms and Manuals
icon-download1/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download2/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download3/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download4/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download5/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download6/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download7/8 Agent and Manual (250 MB)
icon-download8/8 Agent and Manual (32.8 MB)
Module File Detail icon-downloadfile_details_E-SF_V15_3a.txt (4 KB)
- MD5 checksum
- File size
- How to combine the part files.

*Note: This media pack is the same as the Express V15.x media pack available from the free download page (