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Trade-Ins and Upgrades

We make the DIFFERENCE

Unlike some other trade-in schemes, we can offer market-leading flexibility as you manage your product lifecycles. We will not restrict you to trading-in like-for-like products; for example, if you want to invest in a new server from Fujitsu, we will accept a mix of products in the trade-in, be that desktops, laptops, storage or networking products. We also place no limit on the amount of product you wish to trade-in, regardless of the size of new investment you are making, especially useful if you are consolidating your environment. This means there is no limit on the trade-in value driven by the trade-in. If you have equipment that is already retired and taking up space, and you wish to release the value in those assets, Fujitsu Remarketing can offer a buy-back option, even if you are not yet ready to invest in new equipment from Fujitsu.

This is your trade-in or buy-back, and you get to choose how we give back that benefit to your business. It may be as a straight reduction against a new investment, or in the form of products or services to the same value. This can be in areas where there may be budget restrictions, such as extended warranties, new product training for your staff, additional systems or specification levels – real flexibility to suit your business plan.

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How Trade-Ins works

Fujitsu Remarketing within Fujitsu is a not-for-profit service that works to secure the best value for the customer for any older product(s) in the open used equipment market, whether for Fujitsu products or those from any other major European market brand.

Trade-Ins and Upgrades offer

Fujitsu continues to think of you beyond your original investment with us. Whether you are looking to trade-in your older equipment as you refresh to the latest technology, or acquire additional products that match your current installed base. Fujitsu Remarketing provides a range of completely flexible solutions helping you decide what suits your needs best, and to deliver the most from your infrastructure.


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