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  7. Logical Library function (option) - Tape library sharing among OSs

Logical Library function (option)
Tape library sharing among OSs

The Logical Library function(*Note 1) sub-divides tape drives and cartridge slots (cells) in a single tape library, allowing them to be seen as multiple libraries capable of use by different OSs.

*Note 1: The Logical Library function is an option of each libraries.


  • Ability to integrate back ups performed independently for each system in a multi-system environment.
  • Manage tape operation within a single tape library used across a heterogeneous server environment.

Logical Library function

Although the above system appears to be using different tape libraries, each OS environment is actually using the same single library that has been divided into four logical sub-libraries.

*Note 2: The supported backup software for ETERNUS LT270 can be used unchanged when using the Logical Library function. Also, the logical library has no effect on the interoperability of ETERNUS LT260 and LT270 S2.


  • One ETERNUS LT270 S2 can use up to 4 systems, one ETERNUS LT260 can use up to 12 systems, and ETERNUS LT140 can use up to 20 systems.

Product Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries ETERNUS LT40 S2/LT60 S2