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- Fujitsu Forum 2014 : Fujitsu Suisse

Why Attend?

Fujitsu scanning solutions

The Highlight of Fujitsu’s imaging solutions presented at the Fujitsu Forum is the new mobile scanner, the ScanSnap iX100 equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and lithium-ion battery. The latest member of the ScanSnap family scans directly to mobile devices and to your PC or Mac. The fastest and lightest scanner in its class to date takes business professionals to new levels of productivity and efficiency. Visitors to the Fujitsu Forum can see how the mobile scanner works with an Android-based tablet. The larger ScanSnap model iX500 digitises paper documents at the touch of a button, and will be shown at the Fujitsu Forum scanning straight to an iPad. Also on display are the ScanSnap models S1300i, SV600 and the network scanner N1800 as well as the fi Series document scanners fi-6800, fi-6770, fi-7160 and fi-7280 and the compact fi-65F A6 counter top scanner. Visitors can also have a closer look at the Scanner Central Admin Tools for easy scanner management.

We are looking forward welcoming you at our booth [enter number] at the Fujitsu Forum 2014!
At the #FujitsuForum you can experience the entire #ScanSnap family. Come and visit the ScanSnap team!
(19/11/14 09:30)
#xtremescanning at the #FujitsuForum: Visit the #ScanSnap team, take a selfie with the ScanSnap iX100 and win! a new window
(19/11/14 12:00)
The #ScanSnap SV600 takes a completely new look on #scanning. Come visit the ScanSnap team at the #FujitsuForum and see for yourself!
(19/11/14 16:00)
Discover all our imaging solutions at the #FujitsuForum, we showcase the fi Series for professional users, too.
(20/11/14 10:00)
Come visit the ScanSnap team at the #FujitsuForum and experience the #ScanSnap iX100, the lightest and fastest #scanner in its class.
(20/11/14 13:00)

Fujitsu Forum 2015

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