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Fujitsu x86/PRIMERGY Milestones

For more than 20 years the Fujitsu x86-server innovations have helped increase the business contribution through IT. Here are some of the most important milestones:

  • 1994/95: Achieve PC-like economics and flexibility with first x86 PRIMERGY servers built on industry standards.
  • 1998/99: First scale-up server in an x86 environment with the introduction of first 8-way system (PRIMERGY N800/K800)
  • 2002: New opportunities of flexibility, scalability and economics with the introduction of the first blade server (PRIMERGY BX300) which could be equipped with up to 20 CPU blades.
  • 2004: Fujitsu starts to offer Cool-safe design technology as integral part of the PRIMERGY servers - a best-in-class cooling concept for increased lifetime and stable performance
  • 2005: Introduction of the first Converged Infrastructure Platform (PRIMERGY BladeFrame) with inherent high availability and disaster recovery for both physical and virtual workloads
  • 2006: 2+2+2+2=8 – First scalable octo-socket server blade based on the Advanced Blade Ecosystem with PRIMERGY BX630
  • 2007: Increased end-user productivity with the introduction of the second version of the ServerView management tool delivering optimized deployment, permanent status monitoring and extensive control 
  • 2008: Fujitsu simplifies the management of servers in network environments while providing highest flexibility at their deployment and operation with the introduction of ServerView Virtual I/O Manager
  • 2009: Fujitsu offers massive scale-out computing platform to web hoster and telcos delivering extreme-performance and highly energy efficient server architecture with the introduction of the PRIMERGY CX server line
  • 2010: Fujitsu opens up blade computing for midsize companies to take advantage of the space, power and cooling with PRIMERGY BX400.
  • 2010: Various PRIMERGY products complete green life cycle assessment and achieve stringent ENERGY STAR certification
  • 2012: First vendor worldwide to achieve certification for Windows Server 2012 pre-launch, and first to offer a ‘Cluster-in-a-box’ solution
  • 2013: Fujitsu Cool-safe Advanced Thermal Design ensures energy efficiency improvements of up to 27 percent allowing customers to save costs while ensuring system availability even under extreme conditions
  • 2014: Fujitsu delivers new levels of In-Memory computing performance and x86 mission-critical uptime 
  • 2014: Fujitsu improves PRIMERGY portfolio system naming for easier system selection
PRIMERGY server family 1999PRIMERGY server family 1999