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Business-Centric Servers



Your business requirements inspire our server design

PRIMERGY valuesThe development of Fujitsu servers is based on 60 years of experience in the mainframe development sector. As early as 1994, Fujitsu developed the first x86-based industry-standard servers. Since then Fujitsu has focused with its PRIMERGY servers on providing the innovations that customers expect from one of the leading IT infrastructure providers.
Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers provide an unparalleled mixture of quality, efficiency and agility. The servers offer the most powerful and most flexible solutions on the market for companies of all sizes and all branches of industry, and for every type of application. They form a perfect basis for today's requirements and future developments towards a business-centric data center.

The smallest and the largest data centers have one thing in common. Both rely on the powerful and reliable solutions PRIMERGY servers make possible. To assure the highest quality at all times, we subject every system to comprehensive and rigorous testing, not just to meet, but to exceed industry standards. Our servers were energy efficient before the phrase even caught on. Today, 20 years later, PRIMERGY systems regularly establish new world records and deliver best-in-class results for businesses of all sizes. Since the beginning of the SPEC power_ssj2008 benchmarks we improve server energy efficiency by a factor of 28 in the last 7 years. We raise the bar by doing more with less, and bring innovations such as Cool-safe Advanced Thermal Design to life. We deliver customized PRIMERGY solutions, tailored to the specific needs of every customer.



Expandable tower servers ideal for branch offices, remote offices and small businesses

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Versatile and scalable rack-optimized servers with leading efficiency and performance

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Platform for converged infrastructures designed to reduce IT costs, time and efforts

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Density optimized server infrastructures for Cloud, HPC and large scale-out computing

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Fujitsu x86/PRIMERGY Milestones

For more than 20 years the Fujitsu x86-server innovations have helped increase the business contribution through IT. Here are some of the most important milestones:

  • 1994/95: Achieve PC-like economics and flexibility with first x86 PRIMERGY servers built on industry standards.
  • 1998/99: First scale-up server in an x86 environment with the introduction of first 8-way system (PRIMERGY N800/K800)
  • 2002: New opportunities of flexibility, scalability and economics with the introduction of the first blade server (PRIMERGY BX300) which could be equipped with up to 20 CPU blades.
  • 2004: Fujitsu starts to offer Cool-safe design technology as integral part of the PRIMERGY servers - a best-in-class cooling concept for increased lifetime and stable performance
  • 2005: Introduction of the first Converged Infrastructure Platform (PRIMERGY BladeFrame) with inherent high availability and disaster recovery for both physical and virtual workloads
  • 2006: 2+2+2+2=8 – First scalable octo-socket server blade based on the Advanced Blade Ecosystem with PRIMERGY BX630
  • 2007: Increased end-user productivity with the introduction of the second version of the ServerView management tool delivering optimized deployment, permanent status monitoring and extensive control 
  • 2008: Fujitsu simplifies the management of servers in network environments while providing highest flexibility at their deployment and operation with the introduction of ServerView Virtual I/O Manager
  • 2009: Fujitsu offers massive scale-out computing platform to web hoster and telcos delivering extreme-performance and highly energy efficient server architecture with the introduction of the PRIMERGY CX server line
  • 2010: Fujitsu opens up blade computing for midsize companies to take advantage of the space, power and cooling with PRIMERGY BX400.
  • 2010: Various PRIMERGY products complete green life cycle assessment and achieve stringent ENERGY STAR certification
  • 2012: First vendor worldwide to achieve certification for Windows Server 2012 pre-launch, and first to offer a ‘Cluster-in-a-box’ solution
  • 2013: Fujitsu Cool-safe Advanced Thermal Design ensures energy efficiency improvements of up to 27 percent allowing customers to save costs while ensuring system availability even under extreme conditions
  • 2014: Fujitsu delivers new levels of In-Memory computing performance and x86 mission-critical uptime 
  • 2014: Fujitsu improves PRIMERGY portfolio system naming for easier system selection
PRIMERGY over the years