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Is your IT up-to-date?

The world is changing. These fundamental changes are affecting our everyday lives, transforming everything from consumer behavior to the way we communicate. This hyper-connected world will have huge impact on the future. People and the things around us, all linked together, sharing information. More connectivity means more information. It means vanishing boundaries. In the era of hyper-connectivity, the key to growth is how people will use ICT to deliver value, but also means to overcome a series of challenges.

Homepage Picture1 Dramatic increase in data and digital information
New options on the basis of today's computer performance and skills influence the actions and transactions of an increasing number of people via a wide range of devices. It seems as if everyone is connected to each other. What many do not see is that the relentless increase in mobile devices has an enormous influence on the growing volume of data traffic that has to be transported via the networks. This flood of digital information does not only have to be transported and saved, for many companies the data gained provides valuable information and insights that need to be analyzed in order to obtain important background information and thus enable new business to be generated.

Homepage Picture2Energy and cooling problems in data centers
Most of the above mentioned data is saved, processed and analyzed on hardware platforms that are located in a central data center. Racks and racks of systems, which use an enormous amount of energy, are in the meantime stacked up in these data centers. Today's data centers must therefore undergo diligent planning so as to validate the suitability of the environment to provide necessities such as the energy to power and cool servers, the appropriate physical area to manage them effectively, and the real estate to allow them to grow over time. Typical problems are a lack of available floor space and overutilization of the energy und thermal volume.

Homepage Picture3Increased demand for the availability of IT resources
Every era has its own trends and hypes. New trends are emerging all the time, for instance rapidly growing interest in cloud computing, but so are greater concerns about security and the availability of IT resources, because in the meantime almost all business-critical processes depend on IT. The failure of important systems in the data center can directly impair the business activity of a company and result in lost sales. Compliance regulations, such as Basel II and III or the Sarbanes Oxley Act, are another important factor for companies. They contain among other things specifications regarding the availability of the IT environment and secure IT operations.

Homepage Picture4End users require improvements in user-friendliness
The role of IT in companies has changed fundamentally since the mid-nineties. If data centers and specialist departments were previously regarded as a "necessary evil", they have at the latest since the integration of e-mail and the Internet in communication and work processes been considered as central units, upon which successful business operations depend. IT managers and their staff are thus not only faced by a continually increasing variety of classic tasks, but must also manage the transition to new infrastructure concepts and an ever increasing number of different administration components and self-service portals.