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  4. Akums achieves effective time management and utilization by using Fujitsu PalmSecure technology

Akums achieves effective time management and utilization by using Fujitsu PalmSecure technology

"At Akums, we follow the mantra of ‘time is money’, which is why we installed the Biometric Palm Scanning System for effective time management and utilization"

Board of Directors, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

The customer

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Haridwar (India), is an internationally recognized, WHO-GMP certified leading contract manufacturer which has rapidly emerged as the premier integrated pharmaceutical company in India. Its business focuses on the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products and services to clients across the globe. Its portfolio includes a range of US-FDA norms producing hormonal preparations in oral (solid & liquid) and injectable forms, skin ointments and cosmetic preparations, oncology formulations and contract research and manufacturing services.

The challenge

Akums wanted a 1:N matching system for all employees and workers that would allow inter-plant movement and could manage 100+ additions and deletions every day. It needed to maintain a database for up to five years.

The solution

Akums invested in Mantra PV2000 PalmReader terminals using Fujitsu PalmSecure technology, combined with the Sensometrix SENSOBRAIN solution.

The benefit

  • Transparent and ‘sealed’ time attendance solution without much scope for manual intervention
  • The first strictly 1:N solution designed to authenticate over 25,000 users and keep the database for up to five years
  • A ‘no cards - no compromise’ approach was achieved by the company which was suffering due to inexperienced workers and shortcomings of previous biometric technologies
  • It is an uncomplicated process to add, move or delete workers immediately
  • Highly secure authentication through palm vein recognition of the person – not of a medium
  • Fast authentication process
  • Resistant to environmental influences
  • Exceptionally high level of user acceptance
  • Simple implementation of “true authentication”
  • High degree of data security
  • Biometric data only has to be entered once