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Energy saving has emerged as one of the most critical elements on the IT agenda.

Energy saving has emerged as one of the most critical elements on the IT agenda. The most significant portion of that energy is used, and can therefore be saved, during the use phase of each product. The requirement for energy-efficient products is at the core of Fujitsu’s Eco-Design guideline.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions has been recognized as a leader in energy efficient products since the introduction of the world’s first green PC in 1993. Today, the company's portfolio of green products ranges from keyboards to professional PCs, workstations to complete datacenter solutions. The green portfolio is constantly expanding with innovations such as the Fujitsu 0-Watt display, the ESPRIMO 0-Watt PC and the 0-Watt AC adapter for LIFEBOOK notebooks, and challenged by visions such as Fujitsu’s WoodShell concept design which adopts natural materials and bio-based plastics for PC housing and parts.

Calculating the Product Carbon Footprint

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) has become a key issue over recent years. Calculating the PCF of any product requires investment in analysis and calculation. International standards and databases are required to enable for comprehensive labeling and meaningful comparisons.

Fujitsu commissioned a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study in order to gain insights into the environmental impacts and gather scientific data regarding its own products. This study has achieved a transparency along the whole supply chain, which highlights the energy-efficient performance and also shows potential for improvements in terms of reducing environmental impacts. White Paper: Life Cycle Assessment and Product Carbon Footprint Fujitsu ESPRIMO E9900 Desktop PCOpen a new window

The ESPRIMO E900 Series of desktop PCs feature the latest technology and the option of an up to 94% energy efficient power supply. Furthermore the ESPRIMO delivers enhanced power management settings and optional 0-Watt power consumption in off-mode. For details on the PCF of the desktop PC ESPRIMO E9900Open a new window

PRIMERGY servers are designed to meet the latest energy saving requirements and standards, for example the stringent ENERGY STAR © regulations. Energy efficient power supplies, smart power management tools and the Cool-safe™ design are just a few of the functions contributing to overall energy efficiencies.

The energy efficiency of the hardware itself is just one aspect of an energy conscious data-center strategy: this should include blade technology, server & storage consolidation and virtualization which can help to overcome the challenges of reducing energy consumption. Innovative service offerings such as the Data Center Efficiency Assessment help in assessing and optimizing the reliability and energy efficiency of data-center solutions.

For details on the PCF of PRIMERGY RX300 / TX300 S5 serversOpen a new window

Mobility addresses energy-saving from two aspects. Firstly in the design, features and management of mobile products themselves; with lower power consumption and longer battery life, and secondly in their application for anytime, anywhere data access; increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary travelling costs.

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