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What Fujitsu believes in... towards sustainable future of dreams and potential

We believe in the Three Powers of ICT

Fujitsu has published its Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report 2012. This year’s report, under the theme of “The Power of Sustainability and Beyond,” opens with a feature article expressing the Fujitsu Group’s commitment, in looking toward 2020, to embracing the challenge of transforming the society we live in through the Three Powers of ICT.

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Cloud Computing for sustainable society

With its Global Cloud Platform delivering public cloud services in Japan, Australia, Singapore, the UK, Germany, and the US, Fujitsu has world-class cloud technologies and capabilities.

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Bringing the future closer than ever with the world’s fastest computing capabilities

We will continue to take on the challenge of leveraging the power of ICT to create a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world.

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Towards sustainable future of dreams and potential

I developed my MESSAGE to share my thoughts with you about where Fujitsu is heading next to contribute to the sustainability of society, by co-creating new values with our customers, local communities and the people worldwide.

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