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Sometimes due to over-riding drivers such as cost or out-of-support technology the only viable solution is a complete rewrite or a migration. In fact a rewrite may be the preferred option but often the cost and time is against you. This is where a migration is the best solution as not only can automated tools migrate the application from one platform to another, it can also do it at a fraction of the cost and within a predictable and manageable timeframe.

Systems Migration

System Migration refers to converting the technology on which the system is built into more modern, robust and future proof alternatives. Fujitsu works with partners to support your migration, offering a solution that is both wide and deep, whilst retaining the highest quality deliverables. 

The following list is a subset of the migrations we have available.

Mainframe Applications to .NET and Open Source
Adabas/Natural to .NET and Open Source
Unisys, HP3000 to .NET and Open Source
Many 4th generation languages to .NET and Open Source
Lotus Notes to Microsoft Stack
CA-Gen to Java, COBOL, C# and COTS packages  
COBOL / Micro Focus to NetCOBOL for .NET
Oracle Forms to Open Source

Data Migration

Fujitsu’s Data Migration capabilities ensure that the data which is critical to your organization is held in the most suitable data store for your circumstances. Fujitsu technology, such as PROGRESSION, and other capabilities from our Application Modernization partners mean a wide range of high quality options are available, including: 
  • Migration of Databases from Microsoft ACCESS to SQL Server or SQL Azure, including alterations of applications to link to the new databases 
  • Migration of Databases from Network and Hierarchical Databases to Relational databases, this can remove vendor lock in issues, allow for modern development and give greater access 
  • Access to older database styles such as VSAM and IMS on Mainframe via SQL statements, allowing for access by modern systems 
  • Cleansing of Data Stores 
  • Migration to PostgresSQL for fast and low cost processing 
  • Migration of Databases to Cloud Services 
  • Re-Hosting of UNIX based databases to Linux



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