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Virtex7 FPGA


Large-Scale PCI Express Gen3 Evaluation Platform

Part Number: TB-7VX-690T-PCIEXP / TB-7VX-980T-PCIEXP / TB-7VX-1140T-PCIEXP

The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series also provides x8-lane PCI Express Gen3 (using FPGA integrated block for PCI Express) and the high-speed memory interface 1,600 Mbps DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM 2 system as standard. Connecting the optional fiber solution TB-FMCH-OPT10 FMC card with optical cable interface to TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP enables 10ch of 10G optical modules to be mounted on each FMC connector. This achieves an optical interface configuration of up to 400Gbps


  • Device: XC7VX690T / 980T / 1140T-2FLG1926
  • Memory:
    • DDR3-SDRAM SO-DIMM Connector x2
      (with 4Gbit SO-DIMM module)
    • SPI Flash 128Mbit
  • Interface
    • FMC HPC x2
      (GTH 10CH is connected to each FMC, and only LA is assigned for user input/output)
    • PCI Express x8 (Gen3)
    • USB3.0 Device
    • MMCX Clock input
    • PMOD (Digilent module interface)
    • Xilinx Cable 10 pin header
    • General pin header
    • Push switch, DIP switch, LED
  • Configuration:
    • microSD Card
    • BPI Flash
  • Power
  • Board size: H140 x W312 (mm)
  • Reference Design (Verilog HDL)
    • PCI Express DMA Design with Time limitation
    • DDR3 memory controller (MIG)


ASIC Development Test Platform

ASIC Development Test Platform image

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End of life since August 2017

Please refer to our Virtex Ultra Scale solutions as an alternative

Part Number: TB-7V-2000T-LSI

  • Shortens development time by providing an ASIC emulation platform
  • Provision of high-speed interfaces including high-speed I/O connectors and expansion FPGA results in an ASIC development platform with excellent flexibility and expandability
  • Use of supplied reference designs allows testing to be performed under actual operating conditions with high clock speed


  • Device:
    • XC7V2000T-2FLG1925
    • XC7K325T-2FFG900
  • Memory:
    • DDR3 SDRAM 2Gbit x8
  • Interface:
    • Connectors for FMC cards : High-speed I/O connector (120 pin) x 5
    • PCI Express Gen 2 8-lane
    • USB 2.0/3.0 (device) Type-B
    • MMCX clock input/output
    • DVI (Tx, Rx), Full HD supported
    • Xiinx cable 10pin header
    • General pin header
    • Push switch, DIP switch, LED
  • Configuration:
    • microSD Card (Virtex-7 FPGA Only)
    • NAND Flash (Virtex-7 FPGA Only)
    • QSPI Flash (Kintex-7 FPGA)
  • Power Supply
  • Board size: H300 x W400 (mm)
  • Reference Design (Verilog HDL)
    • DDR3 memory controller (MIG)
    • DVI, USB3.0/2.0 Interface design