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What is LED Technology?

Light Emitting Diodes [LEDs]
LED technologies timelineCraford, Holonyak & Kish, "In Pursuit of the Ultimate Lamp", Scientific American 284, Feb 2001, p63.

Redefining Lighting Technology
LED lighting technologyWith the great strides made by LED lighting in lighting industries via its power and efficiency, LEDs are envisaged to play a greater role with some types lasting up to 100,000 hours, compared to about 1000 hours for an incandescent bulb. Two key areas where LED technology is expected to impact lighting industries in the next decade include Illumination and Effects. With greater improvements in LED technology, the future looks really bright for LEDs with myriads of potential uses and applications in the works.

Quantum Growth Leap
Quantum Growth LeapLight emitting diodes have evolved significantly in the last 5 years with growth rates reaching up to 58% per year. The market size is envisaged to exceed US$3 billion by the year 2006. Even with the slight global economic slowdown, LEDs are continuing to penetrate new markets while enhancing existing market shares. LEDs have claimed a 27% stake in the traffic signal industry, up from just 8% about nine months ago!

Staggering Growth & Cost Saving Possibilities
LEDs in the homeGiven their rapid rate of growth in terms of applications coupled with the inherent advantages LEDs offer in terms of longevity, energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance cost and its relatively compact size – the possibilities of its future is simply bright!
Just imagine – replacing conventional lamps in the United States alone will contribute to energy savings of up to 120 gigawatts annually i.e. up to US$100 billion by 2025!