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3mm Round Lamp


  • Standard brightness colored diffused LED lamp
  • Superior resistance to moisture
  • Suitable for TTW soldering

Where Function Meets Performance

Synonymous with function and performance, the 3mm lamp LED has superior performance in outdoor applications due to its well-defined radiation pattern and wide viewing angle. These lamps are made with an advanced optical grade epoxy, offering superior high temperature and high moisture resistance performance in outdoor signals and sign applications.

3mm Round Lamp LED3mm Round Lamp LED 3mm Round Lamp White3mm Round Lamp White

Data Sheets

AlInGaP Technology

3mm Lamp AlInGaP L3x - Catalogue -v9

3mm Lamp AlInGaP L3x-C5000 - Catalogue-v5

3mm Lamp AlInGaP L3x-C60D0-I2 - Catalogue-v2

3mm Lamp AllnGaP L3x-CA0D0 - Catalogue-v2

3mm Thick Flange Lamp AlInGaP L3x-C50xA - Catalogue-v2

GaP Technology

3mm Lamp GaP L3x - Catalogue-v3

Phosphor Conversion Technology

3mm Lamp High Brightness InGaN White - Catalogue-v5

3mm Lamp High Brightness InGaN White L3W-L4500 - Catalogue-v1

3mm Lamp InGaN Warm White L3F-L60E0 - Catalogue-v1

3mm Lamp InGaN White L3W-L60E0 - Catalogue-v1

3mm Lamp InGaN White L3W-U4500-Catalogue-v1

3mm Lamp InGaN White L3W-U60E0 - Catalogue-v3