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Tri Color Multi DomiLED


  • High brightness tri-color surface mount LED
  • 120° viewing angle
  • The chips can be controlled separately to display all the colors
  • It is capable for all video-standard
  • Small package outline (LxWxH) of 3.2 x 2.8 x 1.8 mm
  • Package outline for D6RTB - 3.2 x 3.0 x 1.7 mm
  • Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 2
  • Compatible to IR reflow soldering
  • The products are lead free, RoHS compliant

Where Function Meets Performance

Synonymous with color and versatility, due to its perfect mixture of every color, small package outline and superior brightness, the Color MultiLED series is perfectly suited for variety applications such as full color desplay and general lighting.

Tri Color Multi DomiLEDTri Color Multi DomiLED

Data Sheets

Tri Color Technology

Multi DomiLED D6RTB-DJD - Catalogue-v6
Multi DomiLED D6RTB-HJD - Catalogue-v7
Multi DomiLED D6RTB-PJG - Catalogue-v6
Multi DomiLED DMRTB-UJB-ST3+UV3+RS3-1 - Catalogue-v6



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