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Power DomiLED


  • High brightness surface mount LED
  • 120° viewing angle
  • Small package outline (LxWxH) of 2.8 x 3.2 x 1.8 mm
  • Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 2
  • Compatible to both IR reflow soldering and TTW soldering
  • The products are lead free, RoHS compliant

Where Power Meets Reliability

With its significant power in terms brightness, viewing angle and variety of application possibilities, Power DomiLED truly is a standout performer! Ideal for automotive interior, exterior lighting as well as home, office and industrial applications, it is also a proven performer in electronic signs and signals.
DomiLED StandardStandard DomiLED Power DomiLED WhiteWhite LED Power DomiLED

Data Sheets

AlInGaP Technology

Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx - Catalogue-v18
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-HKG - Catalogue-v1
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-MJB - Catalogue-v2
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-MJS - Catalogue-v11
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-MZJS (Dual Current Binning) - Catalogue-v1
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-MZJS - Catalogue-v3
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-PJG - Catalogue-v6
Power DomiLED AlInGaP DWx-PKG - Catalogue-v11
Power DomiLED AlInGaP with Lens DWx-SK3 - Catalogue-v2

Phosphor Conversion Technology

Power DomiLED InGaN Warm White DWF-KZKG - Catalogue-v1
Power DomiLED InGaN White DWW-KZKG - Catalogue-v2
Power DomiLED InGaN Yellow DWZY-KZKG - Catalogue-v3



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