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  • Super High brightness surface mount LED
  • High flux output
  • Compact package outline (LxW) of 6.0 x 6.0mm
  • Ultra low high profile - 1.5mm
  • Design for high current drive
  • Low thermal resistance; Rth (js) = 20 K/W
  • Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 2
  • Compatible to IR reflow soldering and TTW soldering
  • The products are lead free, RoHS compliant
  • With and without lens of LEDs are available for this product category

Where Durability Meets Briliance

Featuring a staggering brilliance and significant flux output, the SPNova showcases the latest technological advent in this range. With its extremely high level of brightness and the ultra low height profile, which is only 1.5mm are highly suitable for both conventional lighting and specialized application such as automotive signal lights, traffic lights, channel lights, tube lights and garden lights among others.

SPNova-1 WattSPNova-1 Watt White LED SPNova-1 WattWhite LED SPNova-1 Watt

Data Sheets

AlGaAs Technology

SPNova Infrared 850nm - Catalogue-v3.pdf

SPNova Infrared 850nm NP8-DSG - Catalogue-v1

AlInGaP Technology

SPNova AlInGaP 400 - Catalogue-v9

SPNova AlInGaP NPH-USS - Catalogue-V6

SPNova AlInGaP NPH-USS-4S3T-1 - Catalogue-v3

InGaN Technology

SPNova InGaN 1 Watt NPx-JSG - Catalogue-v3

SPNova InGaN 1 Watt NPx-WSG - Catalogue-v1

SPNova InGaN Blue 1 Watt NPB-RSS-Catalogue-v3

Phosphor Conversion Technology

SPNova InGaN Warm White High Lumens NPF-WSD - Catalogue-v5