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High Speed Transmission PCBs

Our new technologies have succeeded in improving manufacturing yields and significantly reducing production lead time for high-count multi-layer PCB and are to be applied for use in such areas as next-generation, high-speed servers and telecommunication base station equipment.

  • Verification of high-speed signal integrity at PCB design phase by signal propagation simulation and measured data.
  • Proposal of structure and process that reduce unnecessary via stubs as many as possible.
  • Combination of multiple material laminated structure optimize the cost effectiveness.
  • High speed transmission with target speed of 50Gbps.
Base material lineup and signal transmission band frequencyBase material lineup and signal transmission band frequency

Improvement of Transmission Loss

Signal trace with smooth surface makes signal transmission loss lower. High performance PCB can be made without expensive base resin material.

Measured value of transmission characteristics for smooth treatmentMeasured value of transmission characteristics for smooth treatment
Smooth treatmentSmooth treatment
Conventional treatmentConventional treatment


  • Supercomputer
  • Optical transmission device
  • Microwave transmission device
  • measuring instrument/equipment


Conventional productConventional product
Using dissimilar materialsUsing dissimilar materials

Products under development

We are currently developing a technology that electrically connects completed PCBs stacked together. We aim for higher density and further improvement in electrical property.

Under development



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