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High Density Interconnect PCBs

High-reliability and high layer count PCBs for a wide variety of high-performance products ranging from cutting-edge ICT devices to social infrastructure and industrial equipment.

  • Propose materials and layer construction to match each customer’s needs for electric characteristics including characteristic impedance and transmission characteristics.
  • High-density PCBs with narrow pitch pattern and viaswith high-aspect ratio.
  • High-reliability and high-quality PCBs using technologies accumulated over the years.

Design Rule

Layer Construction 20 ~ 72(with IVH)
Thickness ≦3.3 ≦4.8 ≦5.0 ≦6.5 ≦8.0
Drill Diameter φ0.15 φ0.20 φ0.25 φ0.30 φ0.35
Land Diameter φ0.35 φ0.40 φ0.45 φ0.50 φ0.55
Line/Space 0.05 / 0.05 ~ 0.09 / 0.09
(Depends on conductor thichness)

Max Size 810mm × 660mm, Thicness 8mm, 72Layers
Theapplicable range changes depending on the combination of specification


  • Network device for LTE portable base station
  • High speed, large capacity fiber-optic device


MV-3 ConstructionMV-3 Construction
Backplane for double sided press-fit connector mountingBackplane for double sided press-fit connector mounting

This structure enable press-fit connector mounting on the both sided of the board and backdrilled plated through holes keep high transmission signal integrity.