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Lead Frames

The increase in IC size and the development of advanced chip functions have placed new demands on improving the thermal dissipation and electrical properties of semiconductor packages. To meet these new demands, SHINKO is developing and manufacturing a variety of lead frames, such as stamping lead frames with 256 pins; etching lead frames, suitable for quick delivery requirements; multilayered (advanced) lead frames with superior heat-dissipation properties; and leads on chips (LOC*) for memory purposes. Shinko also develops super fine-pitch, matrix, and deep downset lead frames. SHINKO strives to improve package development and manufacturing from many perspectives. For example, Shinko is promoting the use of a lead-free palladium plating process, which will contribute toward protecting the global environment.

*LOC: A lead frame extended onto the IC and wire-bonded in the center of the chip

One stop for all

Shinko lead frame

All required function for manufacturing Leadframes are joined in Shinko:

  • Tooling
  • Stamping / Etching
  • Plating
  • Downset and Cutting


Stamped Lead Frame - Super Fine Pitch

Shinko Stamped Lead Frame - Super Fine Pitch

>By placing an inner lead close to IC chip made possible for stabilized production of IC packaging and a significant amount of cost reduction.

Plastic Very Thin Quad Flat Non-leaded Leadframes

Shinko Non Leaded Leadframes

Palladium Preplated Leadframe

Shinko Palladium Preplating

Higher functional characteristics is achieved by palladium plating in addition to nickel-plating on the lead frame

Solder processing at IC assembly is not required therefore it becomes possible to reduce assembly cost.

Lead, which is potentially damaging to the environment, is not produced.