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IC Assembly

Shinko undertakes IC package assembly on consignment, and use plastic laminated substrates, tape substrates and interposers to perform assembly. Package types available are BGA, CSP, and others. In addition to offering ordinary wire bonding for internal connections, Shinko offers advanced package functions with flip-chip connections that support small package sizes and high speeds, depending on the requirements of the device.


Interconnecting using Cu-pillarShinko Innterconecting using Cu-pillarCu pillar is a terminal which connects an interposer with a semiconductor chip by TCFC(Thermal Compression Flip Chip) technology. Upon precise plating technology and better dimensions uniformity, SHINKO can support superior Cu Pillar service for customers.

Camera Module PackageShinko Camera Module PackageProvide Camera module assembly of small form factor at reasonable cost with high yield.

MCeP – Lower Package in Package on Package (PoP)Shinko MCeP – Lower Package in Package on Package (PoP) StructureWe offer MCeP®(Molded Core embedded Package) with the package structure achieved by active and passive components built in. The package type is also called "embedded substrate" in the market. We provide the package features compact and thin package size, excellent electric characteristics, and high reliability enabled by our own packaging technology. Shinko MCeP – Lower Package in Package on Package (PoP) Structure



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