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Probe Cards

  • Organic Probe Card PCB matches various types of contactor.
  • Our latest technology achieves customer needs on CTE tuning.
  • Conventional PTH type, Build-up IVH type and Hybrid type PCB enables aspect free small Via with our Board to Board Connection(BBC) technology.

Organic Probe card PCB for High speed transmission

  • Ultra fine-pitch pattern and hybrid structure enables capability of over 8,000nets in a card with good signal integrity at Very High speed operation.
  • Signal Integrity Analysis enables optimization of signal pattern density for very high speed nets.
  • Power Integrity Analysis enables optimization of power plane design and decoupling capacitor placement.

Low CTE PCB manufacturing technology

  • CTE control between 3-11ppm/°C is available by structural design for Low-temp/High-temp evaluation.
  • One time full wafer contacts are available with very accurate Pad alignment technology.
  • The warpage behavior with temp variation is estimated by presimulation and actual data to propose our best structure with our best material at Design Phase.


Item Type of construction
Conventional PTH type Build-up Via type(1) Hybrid type
MAX Size
φ650 φ315 Combination of conventional and Build-up Via type
Contact us for detail spec.
MAX Thickness
7.2 3.0
min Line/Space
50 / 50 20 / 30
min Via Diameter
φ250 φ40
MAX Layer Count 70 16 + (8-N-8)
[1] Build-up Via type:
Build-up type has 2 types of construction: High density Build-up technology & Coreless substrate technology of GigaModule-4.


  • Probe Card

Case Study

High-Layer count ultra fine pitch hybrid type card

Size φ380mm (for 12inch wafer)
Layer Construction 6Layers(Coreless) + 50Layers
+ 6Layers(Coreless)

Low CTE & fine pitch Hybrid type

Size 560 x 400 mm
Layer Construction 40Layers + 8Layers (Buildup 3-2-3)
CTE 7.8 ppm / ℃


Hybrid structure PCB with different materialsprobe_sec