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  4. LTO-5 tape drives are now available for ETERNUS LT20/LT40/LT60 tape libraries.

LTO-5 tape drives are now available for ETERNUS LT20/LT40/LT60 tape libraries.

August 10, 2010

Fujitsu's ETERNUS LT20/LT40/LT60 tape libraries are available with LTO-5 tape drives from today. The new LTO-5 tape technology helps to address today's business challenges such as reducing infrastructure costs, meeting the backup windows and keeping pace with data growth. So for enterprises struggling with these issues now is a great opportunity to upgrade your tape drives to LTO-5. For example, upgrade from LTO-3 to LTO-5 can be done quickly and easily as wide operating system and software application support exists for both generations. LTO-5 provides the installed base with the ability to store almost three times the capacity of LTO-3 in the same footprint, enhancing data security and helping to consolidate data protection for easier process management. High performance and reliability of ETERNUS LT20/LT40/LT60 now enhanced with the features of LTO-5 tape drive achieve more reliable archiving solution.

LTO-5 key features and benefits

3 TB Data Capacity/Cartridge (2:1 compression)

  • Reducing the number of tapes needed by providing up to 3 TB of storage capacity per LTO-5 tape, the industry leading capacity is almost 2x that of LTO-4 and almost 4x LTO-3.
  • Customers can store more data in the same library footprint, saving on power/cooling and deferring library upgrades.

Encryption support

  • Continued encryption support is important for compliance and privacy initiatives. Many tape customers skip one generation when upgrading technologies. This upgrade behavior means that many customers are using LTO-3 and do not yet have access to encryption technology.

280 MB/s Throughput (2:1 compression)

  • LTO-5 is 15% faster than LTO-4 and 75% than LTO-3.
  • Faster throughput allows customers to complete their jobs faster, which is important as data growth increases.

Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology

  • Supports compliance and archive applications where you can feel secure with the fact that data written on the tape is protected from being erased or overwritten.

Self-managed low power modes

  • The LTO-5 drive can put itself in a low power 'sleep' mode when not in use, offering 10% - 45% power savings over previous LTO generations.

6 Gb/s SAS interface

  • The first generation, 3 Gb/s SAS, replaces parallel SCSI. SAS features which support faster performance include dual-port drives and wide ports, enabling full-duplex data transmission plus aggregated bandwidth. Universal connectivity is an added SAS advantage.
  • Now the second generation, 6 Gb/s SAS, has many enhancements beyond 3 Gb/s SAS to meet the specific customer needs. It has more bandwidth per connection, greater scalability, and enhanced features for improved security.
  • Connection to open system server with 6 Gb/s SAS controller card, making it easier to stream data to the tape, taking advantage of tape's fast throughput.

Backward compatibility

  • Very high investment protection: LTO-5 drives are read/write compatible with LTO-4 tapes, and read compatible with LTO-3 tapes.
  • Opportunity for substantial ROI, particularly for ETERNUS LT customers using LTO-3 technology, by upgrading to this latest LTO technology.