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The industry's first SAN Switches supporting 16Gbit/s Fibre Channel

August 5, 2011

Recently, private cloud computing environment and highly virtualized environment are required for storage network such as data centers. Therefore, SAN switches, a core component of the system, must satisfy the demands of flexible performance, scalability and operability in addition to reliability.

In addition to SN200 series/Brocade series, Fujitsu has newly released "Brocade DCX8510-8/-4 SAN Backbone" and "Brocade 6510 Fibre Channel Switch" to improve product portfolio of SAN switches. Both of them support 16Gbit/s fibre channels which double bandwidth of connection between switches.

These products enable you to meet high requests for creating and operating private cloud, providing the performance of 16Gbit/s fibre channel, high functionality, scalability and reliability with using existing IT environment.

SAN Backbones
DCX 8510-4/ DCX 8510-8

DCX 8510-4/DCX 8510-8 supports 16Gbit/s fibre channels and meets the various requirements for creating large-scale private cloud, having the greatest expandability, performance, efficient power usage and reliability of the Brocade series.
This switch has complete connection compatibility with exisiting models of Brocade series / SN200 series. This protects investment in existing SAN infrastructure in the long-term, minimizing service interruptions.

Fibre Channel Switch
Brocade 6510

Brocade 6510 is 1U form factor fibre channel switches supporting 16Gbit/s fibre channels with superior cost-effectiveness. Ports can be expanded from 24 to 48 at the maximum and the total throughput is max. 768Gbit/s. This switch can be used in highly virtualized environment to support creating private cloud environment as an important component of mission critical systems.