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Fibre Channel switches for data centers New Brocade DCX-4S/DCX

1st Dec 2009

On December 1st 2009, Fujitsu announced sale of new Fibre Channel switches. Brocade DCX-4S/DCX (8Gbits/s) enable higher speed data transfer between FC blades than current Brocade Fibre Channel Directors which also support 8 Gbit/s.

Brocade DCX-4S/DCX provide two new functions: VF (Virtual Fabrics) and ICL (Inter-Chassis Link).
VF divides each single fabric, which is physicall connected to DCX-4S/DCX, into multiple logical fabrics. ICL provides high-bandwidth connections between DCX-4S/DCX using dedicated ports.

In meeting your ongoing system requirements, Fujitsu continues its focus on providing the best enhancements to its Fibre Channel switch lineup.

Features of Brocade DCX-4S/DCX

The Brocade DCX-4S/DCX port module configuration has the flexibility to mount 48, 8Gbit/s port blades. This means the port density of DCX-4S/DCX is the highest of any Fibre Channel switches designed for data center use.
DCX-4S/DCX also support 8Gbit/s, 4Gbit/s, 2Gbit/s, and 1Gbit/s data transfer speeds for each port and automatically select the correct speed depending on the connected devices.

In addition to the VF and ICL functions, DCX-4S/DCX also provide FC routing and FCIP tunneling functions based on FCR/FCIP blades.

Brocade DCX-4S

Brocade DCX-4S supports a maximum of 192 port configuration and provides a maximum of 1,536 Gbit/s throughput.

Brocade DCX

Brocade DCX supports a maximum of 384 port configutaion and provides a maximum of 3,072 Gbit/s throughput.

Main functions

Standard functions

- Switch control operating system - Fabirc OS(TM)
- Web-based Management Tool, Web Tools
- Access control using ports and WWN - Zoning
- High-bandwidth data transfer between switches - ISL Trunking
- Improved connectivity - FC Routing
- Configuration of multiple logical fabrics - Virtual Fabrics

Optional functions (Software licensed)

- Web-based Management Tool, Web Tools
- Long distance SAN for assured business continuity - FCIP Tunneling
- High-bandwidth, dedicated ports for inter-switch connection - ICL (Inter-Chassis Link) function

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