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ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 13.4 is now available.

From Janauary 2009, Fujitsu's storage management software ETERNUS SF commenced sale of ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 13.4 (for Solaris, Windows, PRIMERGY Linux, and PRIMEQUEST Linux).

January 6, 2009

From January 2009, Fujitsu's storage management software ETERNUS SF commenced sale of ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 13.4 (for Solaris, Windows, PRIMERGY Linux, and PRIMEQUEST Linux).
ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 13.4 extends support to the new ETERNUS disk storage system series: ETERNUS8000 model 2200, model 1200, model 800, ETERNUS4000 model 600 and model400.
From this version, storage settings, previously available only via GUI, can be processed through Command Line Interface as well.

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Features

Easy storage setup: Storage Volume Configuration Navigator

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser provides pre-designed configuration templates that have been tested and optimized under operational conditions. Use of the templates simplifies initial ETERNUS Disk Storage System configuration. As these initial configurations can be copied and cloned, subsequent installations for expansion can also be achieved with fewer steps. In fact the number of operational procedures can be reduced from 40 to 5 and the number of entry items from 73 to just 1.(*Note 1)

*Note 1 : The number of procedures and entry items may differ depending on specific conditions.
Please contact your Fujitsu sales representative for further information and configuration templates.

Energy-saving operation (Green IT)

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser can be used to check and display the response of servers and disk storage systems allowing the Eco-mode function provided with ETERNUS disk storage systems to accurately set. The Eco-mode function reduces power consumption by stopping disk drive rotation when drives are not in use. For example, the stopping of 24 nearline disk drives used as backup volumes for 19 hours a day results in a 15% power consumption reduction. These effects can be viewed by checking the visualized disk rotation conditions.

Fault management with quick understanding of failure and impact extent

With all managed SAN/NAS/DAS disk storage systems, tape libraries, fibre channel switches and application servers, ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser displays the failure details to enable administrators to quickly identify the failure. The relationships between physical and virtual VMware machines and their impact extents are also provided. This ensures a wide range of problems can be responded to quickly and accurately. The same failure information can also be automatically notified to Fujitsu's and other vendors' system management software.

Performance management delivers optimal operational performance

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser manages the performance information of fibre channel switches and disk storage systems, and displays how they are managed. Performance information is shown in graphical form, enabling easy understanding of device workloads and resource bottlenecks. The displayed data can also be preserved in files and used for off-line configuration checking and comparison with previous configurations. The setting of thresholds for each device enables performance problems to be detected at an early stage, together with the production of solutions plans and condition reports when problems are detected.

Detailed resource correlation management, even for the smallest resources

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser allows the relationships and linkages between disk drives and resources, such as file systems of application servers, connection paths, mirrored disks and databases, to be displayed in a single display. This provides administrators with an accurate grasp of resource relationships, and allows them to proceed with storage expansion and failure recovery without concerns. The displayed data can be preserved as files for use in off-line configuration checking and for comparison with previous configurations.

SAN management for the entire storage system

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser displays the physical connection conditions of each storage device and each device linkage, graphically. By consolidating the management of access path changes between application servers and storage devices, it also prevents mis-operation and incorrect settings during SAN installation and operation.

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