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ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 13.3 simplifies storage setup

Less manual effort means fewer mistakes. Configuration templates drastically cut setup procedures . ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 13.3

August 22, 2008

Version 13.3 of ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser, integrated management software for Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems, is now available. This new version makes the installation, parameter setting and operational processes of ETERNUS storage systems, practical, time and effort saving, and error free.

This article describes the new simplified procedures for introducing ETERNUS storage into any IT environment. with focus on how they have been simplified.

Fewer procedures mean fewer mistakes
? Configuration templates drastically reduced setup procedures

Storage introduction, from detailed system design to installation, has always been problematic due to the following:

  • The need for dedicated tools and special installation knowledge
  • The need to always check current device configurations prior to expansion, due to administrator changes and design sheets not being updated.
  • Mistakes made due to environmental complexity, regardless of initial introduction or expansion, and pressure to finish the work to strict deadlines.

V13.3 aims at resolving these problems. Provision of pre-designed configuration templates, that include already completed design sheets and configuration data, reduce the number of process steps, simplifying and speed storage setup and remove processes prone to human error.

The table below provides a comparison of ETERNUS2000 introduction using and not using ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser's configuration templates.

  With configuration templates Without configuration templates
Number of procedures 5 40
Input items 1 73

*Note: these figures may differ depending on specific system environments

In addition, ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser provides a user-friendly GUI that allows easy configuration checking.

The figures below show how introduction of ETERNUS2000 is simplified, using ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser.

[1] Acquire configuration templates
First, acquire ETERNUS2000 configuration templates.(*Note 1)
The templates include recommended configurations based on Fujitsu's own operational experience. Now administrators with little or no storage introduction experience can execute storage configuration easily.

*Note 1: For further information on configuration templates, please contact your Fujitsu sales representative.

[2] Read configuration templates
Read configuration templates using "Storage Volume Configuration Navigator".

[3] Input IP address
Input the IP address of the storage device requiring configuration.

[4] Select the device type
Check the BOX ID for the storage device being configured and press the OK button.

[5] Apply a configuration template
Write definition information to the target storage device.

Configuration settings are now complete. That's how easy it is!

Configuration templates can also be customized. Using the standard templates, customers can match their special requirements and apply variations to their storage devices easily. However If a configuration that is not recommended is included in the customized template, ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser will detect it and prevent its application to the storage device. This ensures secure storage introduction.

In addition, configuration information from an existing device can be applied to a similar storage configuration, and it too can be customized.

We will show setup procedures based on existing device definitions next time.
The procedures shown on this page are also available with ETERNUS4000 and ETERNUS8000 disk storage systems.

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