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ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 14.0 is now available.

ETERNUS SF Strage Curuiser 14.0 Now Available

Sales of ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 14.0 (Solaris version/Windows version/Linux version) a component of Fujitsu's ETERNUS SF Storage Management Software commended on June 8, 2009.

In addition to supporting new ETERNUS DX60 and ETERNUS DX80 Disk storage systems, ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 14.0 provides functional enhancements including support for Thin Provisioning with ETERNUS4000 and ETERNUS8000 for improved disk resource utilization.

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Features

Easy storage setup: Storage Volume Configuration Navigator

Predeifned configuration templates make ETERNUS setup easy.
Just by importing (reading) pre-defined storage cofigurations and exporting (writing) them to disk storage expansion can be simplified and common configurations can be reused for consistent storage utilization. In addition they ensure more efficient storage use and help you reduce your power bills.
For configuration templates, please contact your Fujitsu sales representative or sales partner.

Growing big by starting small (Thin Provisioning (*Note 1))

Thin Provisioning enables you to start by implementing just a minimum of disk storage capacity while "allocating" the full long term expected capacity to servers. Physical disks are then added as usage dictates without affecting server operations. This results in reduced initial costs and a more controlled expansion in terms of ongoing costs and power consumption. Physical disk capacity usage is monitored by ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser. Its threshold monitors and visualized physical capacity changes allow system administrators to predict shorages and know exactly when to expand physical capacity. These capabilities ensure opeational halts are avoided.

*Note 1: A function to achieve optimized disk resource utilization using virtualization technology. Supported by ETERNUS4000 model400/600, ETERNUS8000 model 800/1200/2200.

Power saving storage (Green IT)

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser allows the Eco-mode function of ETERNUS Disk storage systems to be set in accordance with a complete understanding of server and disk storage system requirements. The Eco-mode function reduces disk storage system power consumption by stopping spindle rotation when disks are not being used. For example, stopping idle disks for 19 hours a day using Eco-mode results in a power consumption reduction of 10%. In addition, with some systems the power saving efficiency can be checked on-screen or via log files of power consumption and temperature information. (*Note 2).

*Note 2: Available with ETERNUS DX60/DX80.

Fault management: Easy identification of failures and impact extent

For fast identication of faults ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser displays failure details of all managed SAN/NAS/DAS disk storage systems, tape libraries, fibre channel switches and application servers. This enables administrators to quickly identify the failure and undetstand the full extent of the area affected by the fault on related physical and virtual systems. This ensures fast and correct action can always be taken to rectify the problem. This failure information can also be passed to Fujitsu's integrated operation management software Systemwalker and other vendors' management systems.

Performance management: Optimal operation

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser manages performance information of fibre channel switches and disk storage systems. This information is shown in graphical form, enabling easy understanding of device workloads and resource bottlenecks. Displayed data can also be preserved in files and used for off-line configuration checking and comparison with previous configurations. The setting of thresholds for each device enables performance problems to be detected at an early stage, together with the production of solutions plans and condition reports when problems are detected.

Correlation mangement: Complete management of the detailed resouces of each device

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser allows the relationships between disk drives and resouces, such as file systems of application servers, connection paths, mirrored disks and databases, to be visually and fully understood. The displayed data can be preserved for use in off-line configuration checking and for comparison with previous configurations.

SAN management: Achieving the entire storage system device management

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser displays the status of each device and their physical connection conditions graphically. This helps prevent mis-operation and avoids incorrect installation settings and configuration changes from being implemented.