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ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager 14.0 is now available.

June 8, 2009

Sales of ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager 14.0 (Solaris version/Windows version/Linux version), a component of Fujitsu's ETERNUS SF Storage Management Software, commenced on June 8, 2009.

In addition to supporting new ETERNUS DX60 and ETERNUS DX80 Disk storage systems, ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager 14.0 supports Thin Provisioning functionality with ETERNUS4000 and ETERNUS8000 for improved disk resource utilization through virtualization.

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager Features

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager cooperates with ETERUNS Disk storage systems: ETERNUS DX60 / ETERNUS DX80 / ETERNUS2000 / ETERNUS4000 / ETERNUS8000.
The features it provides are as follows.

Backup operation without affecting applications

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager used with the Advanced Copy function of ETERNUS Disk storage systems enables backup operations with almost zero effect on business applications. High-speed backup is not compromized by the volume of data, allowing application data and system volumes to be backed up with almost no operational halts. This means system voumes(*Note 1) can always be backued up right before/after patch application and business application changes.

*Note 1: Need to stop systems when backing up system volumes.

Achieving backup operation without stopping database systems

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager can perform backup operations in cooperation with Oracle, Symfoware, SQL Server, DB2 and Exchange Server without stopping database operations, enabling continuous 24 x 7 application operation.

Backup with reduced power consumption

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager reduces storage power consumption by rotating backup disks only during backup operations.

Integrated backup matched to various system environments

Backup operations for VMware server virtualization environments, different OS environments and with Thin Provisioning/storage virtualization environments, can all be processed in an integrated manner.

Disaster recovery solution

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy function supports remote copy capability using ETERNUS disk storage systems connected via WAN. Secure disaster recovery can be achieved by allocating ETERNUS disk storage systems for backup data storage at quake-proof and other disaster proof locations.