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Event report : ETERNUS at Symantec Vision 2010

Fujitsu attended "Symantec Vision 2010" (held from 12th to 15th April 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada) as a platinum sponsor. This event is one of the largest IT events in the US.

This year's event included keynotes from world technology leaders, a wide variety of events, demonstrations and meetings with experts aimed at helping enterprises understand how to harness the power of information.
Fujitsu was involved in delivering a keynote a session, a break-out session, a hands-on lab and demonstrations. These introduced solutions and products that addressed issues enterprises face daily.

In this report, we present information on Fujitsu's sessions and demonstrations together with information on featured products and solutions.


Mr. Steve Morton from Symantec explored information-centric computing in a session entitled "Take Control with Steve Morton".
Setting the style for the show, he gave an entertaining and informative lecture focusing on security in an information-centric computing world. This included the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing.
Fujitsu's keynote session was presented by Dr. Joseph Reger, CTO of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. He explained about Fujitsu's approach to cloud computing and the green technologies ETERNUS products provide.

You can see a video of the keynote events by following the URL link:

Breakout session

The breakout session titled "OST for intelligent, simple and seamless data protection with Deduplication and NetBackup", was held by Marcus Schneider, Director Product Segment Data Protection, from Fujitsu Technology Solutions. He demonstrated how powerful yet flexible Symantec NetBackup with the OST API is in combination with our ETERNUS CS800 for customers looking to deploy a new backup architecture or disaster recovery plans.

The Symantec OpenStorage (OST) Application Programming Interface (API) allows customers to deploy the ETERNUS CS800 Data Protection Appliance featuring deduplication fully managed by and integrated with NetBackup. The combination dramatically improves their data protection while simplifying the management process.

Marcus also explained the benefits of the ETERNUS CS800 in decreasing the storage footprint and reducing cost. With the deduplication functionality it offers an affordable way to backup-to-disk with a better recovery performance.

Hands-on Lab

Under the title "Reduce storage costs with Symantec's Veritas Storage Foundation for capacity reclamation and dynamic storage tiers", and using an actual ETERNUS DX8400 disk storage system, Fujitsu also demonstrated solutions achieved by combining Symantec and ETERNUS functions. These included:

ETERNUS DX8400 disk storage system

An enterprise disk storage system addressing regulatory compliance issues and meeting system integration requirements.

Benefits of the solutions

  • Lower operational costs by automating data movement between storage infrastructures
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by optimizing the use of existing devices by the alignment of data with appropriate storage resources
  • Improved application performance by moving less frequently accessed data off high-performance storage
  • Cost effective and efficient integration of large elements of storage and data (such as that derived from a business merger or acquisition)
  • Foundation for an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy

Demo booth

Many attendees dropped by the Fujitsu booth after sessions.

Demonstrated products

  • ETERNUS CS800 Data Protection Appliance
    ETERNUS CS800 is a turnkey data protection appliance with deduplication. It provides a simple and affordable solution for midrange customers following a disk backup strategy.
  • UDS 3000 NAS Storage System (*Note 1)
    The UDS 3000 NAS storage system delivers cost effective file services and rich media content storage.

*Note 1: UDS 3000 is available only at Fujitsu America Inc.

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