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New ETERNUS DX8700 S2 enterprise disk storage system delivers leading cost-optimization and flexibility

November 1st, 2011

Typically enterprise disk storage systems have had a monolithic architecture. This has led to high upfront customer investments that can't actually be used until much later in the storage system's life, if at all. For success, purchase of such systems required a clear understanding of future storage capacity requirements, and adoption of the right model with little room to maneuver. This often resulted in much larger systems being purchased than actually necessary, just to ensure that any possible future requirements were met.

The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX8700 S2 rewrites the rules by making the leap from monolithic to modular architecture that can flexibly grow as and when needs change, without restrictions. Earlier this year, under 'The Flexible Data Safe' concept, Fujitsu announced new key design principles for the second generation of its ETERNUS DX disk storage systems. The new enterprise ETERNUS DX8700 S2 announcement continues that vision and delivers seamless family flexibility from entry and midrange disk storage systems right up to high-end large data center solutions.

  • With ETERNUS DX8700 S2, customers can start with just two controller modules (CM) and four drive enclosures (DE) and then scale up to eight CM and 3,072 disk drives. This eliminates unproductive investments and minimizes initial costs. A new high density form factor means all modules can easily be arranged into standard 19 inch racks. The ETERNUS DX family concept also enables the reuse of fully compatible drive enclosures from other family members, allowing easy consolidation of current storage environments into one large system.
  • Adding to this new dimension in flexibility is a completely transparent license model, which makes it easier to match customer needs as they enhance disk storage capacity over the years. Functional licenses for ETERNUS DX8700 S2 are not linked to capacity, which eliminates unpleasant surprises. Customers can now start as small as they like, making it easy to grow their storage capacity without hidden costs.
  • The flexible balance of performance and capacity as well as the ability to limit operational costs are further improvements with ETERNUS DX8700 S2. High degrees of automation are delivered by Fujitsu's Flexible Data Management concept. This includes automated storage tiering. The flexible mix of disk types provides a dynamic environment which can always adjust to the optimum service levels in line with fast changing requirements.

One remarkable cornerstone of all the latest technical innovations is the increase in data throughput by 300%. This is in addition to increases in connectable host systems, enhanced data protection features, plus the use self-encrypting disk drives and energy saving improvements.

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