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Fujitsu ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 entry disk storage systems double their storage capacity, plus DX90 now supports 2.5 inch drives.

May 12, 2010

Fujitsu's entry-level disk storage systems continue to provide efficient and effective solutions to storage growth. That is why, from today, the already highly reliable and compact ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 disk storage systems will support large-capacity 2TB (7,200rpm) Nearline SAS disk drives. This further enhances their space and resource optimization capabilities and delivers twice as much storage capacity in the same compact footprint.

In addition, the largest entry-level model, ETERNUS DX90, will support 2.5 inch SAS disk drives and 2.5 inch SSD (Solid State Drive). This means even greater space savings, up to 50%(*Note 1), as well as Super Green power operation.

As a result the new ETERNUS entry-level disk storage system lineup offers perfect energy- and space-optimized models for your individual needs to grow your business more effectively.

Model name DX60 DX80 DX90
Supported RAID levels 0 / 1 / 1+0 / 5 / 5+0 / 6 (*Note 2)
Max. physical storage capacity (*Note 3) 48TB 240TB 240TB
No. of disk drives 2 - 24 2 - 120 2 - 120
Max. cache capacity 2GB 4GB
Host interfaces (*Note 4) Fibre channel (Max. 4Gbit/s)
iSCSI (Max, 1Gbit/s)
SAS (Max. 3Gbit/s)
Fibre channel (Max.8Gbit/s, Max.4Gbit/s)
iSCSI (Max.1Gbit/s)
SAS (Max.3Gbit/s)
Fibre channel
(Max. 8Gbit/s)
No. of host interfaces 2 or 4 8
Supported disk drives 3.5 inch
SAS disk drive
600GB / 450GB / 300GB (15,000rpm)
2.5 inch
SAS disk drive
300GB / 146GB (10,000rpm)
3.5 inch Nearline
SAS disk drive
2TB / 1TB / 750GB (7,200rpm)
3.5 inch Enterprise SSD - 200GB / 100GB
2.5 inch Enterprise SSD - 200GB / 100GB

*Note 1) Comparison between using 120 x 300GB (10,000rpm) 2.5 inch disk drives and 120 x 600GB (15,000rpm) 3.5 inch disk drives (The maximum configuration with DX80).
*Note 2) Details on supported RAID levels are provided on the glossary page. ETERNUS disk storage systems use hardware RAID for high-performance. This means RAID transactions are processed by the storage system controller leaving all server CPU resources fully available for application processing.
*Note 3) Physical storage capacity is the maximum value using 3.5 inch Nearline SAS disk drives.
*Note 4) iSCSI and SAS host interfaces only support 3.5 inch disk drives.

ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 entry disk storage systems are designed to be cost-effective while providing high-scalability, reliability and excellent performance. In particular, their outstanding scalability as small to mid sized systems, makes system expansion and network configuration simple. They also provide a variety of high-end functions such as Data Encryption and Eco-Mode as standard. These functions prevent unauthorized access to confidential data, and enable very effective power-saving operation by allowing disk drives to spin down when they are not in use.

The largest storage model in this class, ETERNUS DX90 also supports the Remote Copy function. This can be used to fully guarantee data consistency and business continuity using high-speed data replication between two or more ETERNUS DX90 systems. ETERNUS DX90 is the first storage model in its class to provide this function. To further handle such feature growth, host connectivity is enlarged to eight 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces.