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ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series disk storage systems doubled their storage capacity

May 12, 2010

From today Fujitsu's ETERNUS DX400 series midrange storage systems and enterprise ETERNUS DX8000 series support large-capacity 2TB (7,200rpm) Nearline SATA disk drives.

This enables space and resource optimization by offering twice as much as storage capacity as previous systems in the same footprint.

Model name DX410 DX440 DX8100 DX8400 DX8700
Supported RAID levels 0 / 1 / 1+0 / 5 / 6 (*Note 1)
Max. physical storage capacity (*Note 2) 414.4TB 834.4TB 116.0TB 2,008.0TB 5,456.0TB
No. of disk drives 8 - 210 8 - 420 8 - 60 16 - 1,020 64 - 2,760
Max. cache capacity 8GB 32GB 16GB 256GB 512GB
Supported disk drives Fibre Channel 600GB / 450GB 300GB (15,000rpm) 600GB / 450GB / 300GB / 146GB / 73GB / 36GB (15,000rpm) (*Note 3)
Nearline SATA 2TB / 1TB / 750GB / 500GB (7,200rpm) 2TB / 1TB / 750GB / 500GB (7,200rpm)
SSD 400GB / 200GB 400GB / 200GB / 146GB / 73GB (*Note 3)
Supported servers Mission critical IA servers, UNIX/Industry standard servers GlobalServers, Mission critical IA servers, UNIX/Industry standard servers

*Note 1) Nearline SATA disk drives support RAID5 and RAID6. RAID support when connected to a GlobalServer is RAID1. RAID level details are provided on the glossary page.
*Note 2) Physical storage capacities are maximum values (excluding system disks) when using Nearline SATA disk drives for mission critical IA/UNIX/Industry standard servers .
The value for GlobalServer differs.
*Note 3) 146GB/73GB/36GB (15,000rpm) fibre channel disk drives and 146GB/73GB SSD are only available for use with GlobalServers.

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series disk storage systems pass stringent duration tests and feature the high reliability, performance, and exacting standards, you have come to expect from systems designed and produced in Japan. This makes them the secure solution in all environments but especially in those where large data capacities need to be handled and protected.

Main specifications of ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series

Disk storage systems pass stringent standards

- High-quality and reliability built in during the design and manufacturing processes ensure service consistency.

- Proven reliability is backed by 24-hour endurance tests in extreme environments from - 35°C to 100°C temperatures and 92% humidity, plus over 40,000 sequential operational tests that simulate failure and recovery capability.

Data encryption function

Each storage device is delivered with disk level data encryption capability as standard. This can be used to prevent unauthorized reading of data from disks both inside and when removed from the storage system. (more details)

Backup function

Five backup functions are provided to allow you to match your data protection to the styles of system use. (more details)

Thin Provisioning function

Based on disk virtualization technology thin provisioning enables the sharing and allocation of disk space to multiple systems as and when disk space is required, and no sooner. This can reduce the initial installation cost of storage by 20%. (more details)

Disaster Recovery

Support for inexpensive iSCSI based remote connections, in addition fibre channel methodologies, enables remote site backup configurations at lower-cost. (more details)


Enables a 15% overall reduction in power consumption, and a similar reduction in environmental impact through the use of Massive Array of Idle Disk (MAID) technology which allows disk drives to spin down when they are not being used. (more details)