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Fujitsu ETERNUS DX440 disk storage system garners world's highest IOPS record 97,498.25 with SPC Benchmark-1™

April 27, 2010

Performance testing of ETERNUS DX440 disk storage system using SPC Benchmark-1™, the Storage Performance Council's (*Note 1) storage benchmark, demonstrated an SPC-1 IOPS™ = 97,498.25. This is the world's best performance for any dual controller mid-range disk storage system (*Note 2).

SPC Benchmark-1™ test program is designed for business critical applications processing many complex transactions. Pseudo operational workloads of Online Transactions (OLTP), database operations, and mail systems are recreated to measure random access read/write performance. In the test program, ETERNUS DX440 achieved 97,498.25 SPC-1 IOPS™ I/O throughput, proving itself to be a midrange disk storage system with top class performance.

The test results are on the Storage Performance Council (SPC) web site from March 5, 2010 and will be officially approved after the lapse of the 60-day review period.

*Note 1) Storage Performance Council (SPC) is a nonprofit institute for the evaluation of storage system performance, in which major storage vendors participate.
*Note 2) As of April 27, 2010.

ETERNUS DX440 SPC-1 Benchmark Results

Metric Reported Result Remark
SPC-1 IOPS™ 97,498.25 Maximum I/O request throughput
SPC-1 Price-Performance $5.51 / SPC-1 IOPS™ Price per SPC-1 IOPS™
Total ASU Capacity 36,073.698GB Total storage capacity of the tested system.
Data Protection Level Mirroring Data protection level used for the tested system.
Total TSC Price $537,671 Price of the tested system including three-year maintenance.

- The above results are under registration process as SPC-1 Submission Identifier: A00089.
The Executive Summary and Full Disclosure Report for ETERNUS DX440 test configurations as audited by SPC are available at SPC Benchmark 1™ Results.
- For more information about Storage Performance Council SPC and SPC Benchmark-1™, refer to frequently asked questions about Storage Performance Council (SPC).
- SPC Benchmark-1 and SPC-1 IOPS are trademarks of Storage Performance Council.

In addition to the world's best performance, comparing SPC-1 price/performance ratios for any tested mid-range class, dual controller disk storage systems, ETERNUS DX440 has the best price/performance ratio!

Highest performance combined with the best price/performance ratio makes for an exceptional base platform in any successful business with high transaction oriented and Online Transaction Processing environments (e.g. in the banking and telecommunications sectors), database operations (e.g. Oracle and SAP) and mail server implementations. This is crucial to guarantee IT end-users fast access to their data - at anytime. It also ensures the company's business continuity and provides competitive advantages from employee time savings, allowing them to focus on the core business in their daily work; resulting in cost savings and higher productivity overall.

On top of the great price/performance on offer, ETERNUS DX440 includes a variety of high-end enterprise features! ETERNUS DX440 uses the same Software stack and HW functions as ETERNUS DX enterprise systems. This means all high-end enterprise features are now also available with the world's fastest midrange disk storage system ETERNUS DX440, without the high-end enterprise costs. Functions include, Thin Provisioning, Remote Replication with iSCSI and FC (even between mid-range and enterprise systems) together with advanced reliability features.

High performance disk storage systems are a basic requirement in Storage Area Networks (SAN), but they never stand alone in a data center. ETERNUS DX440 offers multi-platform support for servers and operating systems and thus simplifies implementation - independent of the existing infrastructure of the data center. Therefore customers save time and money as they don't need to run extensive implementation tests. But Fujitsu goes even further by certifying a range of usage scenarios. These combine ETERNUS DX440 with the maximum offering from Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio including PRIMERGY industry-standard servers, solutions, flexible delivery models and market-leading network components from Cisco and Brocade.

For example, introducing or expanding virtualization in a data canter is not a trivial task. The main challenges are the correct sizing of servers, ensuring high availability for the consolidated environment, managing physical and virtual servers in parallel, network connection management, and implementing the best possible storage for virtualization.

Instead of struggling with the evaluation and integration of components customers benefit from Dynamic Infrastructures and holistic solutions that reduce project time and risk. By introducing virtualization in the right way it is possible to consolidate server landscapes in a ratio of 10:1 - a great opportunity to reduce investment costs and to efficiently manage administration staff.

With our Dynamic Infrastructures strategy we support optimization of our customer's infrastructure by focusing on their individual business requirements.