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New disk storage systems DX400/DX8000 series

November 18, 2009

In today's business world, your company faces many challenging issues including data storage and management costs. Compliance with new laws and internal governance may place additional demands on data protection and security. Meeting your corporate social responsibilities by tackling environmental issues could also be a serious concern.

To provide solutions to such issues, Fujitsu commenced the sale of ETERNUS DX400 series and ETERNUS DX8000 series disk storage systems from November 18, 2009.

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series continue the Fujitsu success story in the mid-range and enterprise segments and set new standards in reliability and innovation.

The complete lineup of Fujitsu entry-level ETERNUS DX60/DX80, mid-range ETERNUS DX400 series and enterprise-level ETERNUS DX8000 series disk storage systems are also now available in EMEA, in addition to APAC, America and Japan. This further expands the global reach of Fujitsu's comprehensive range of disk storage systems as ETERNUS DX series.

Quality and reliability
ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series provide top-level reliability

High-reliability infrastructure design

Developed by Fujitsu using its unique approach to quality engineering, ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series disk storage systems offer you the highest levels of data storage reliability. All main components are redundant and hot-pluggable (power supplies, drives, RAID controllers). In addition proven software control delivered with ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series offers the platform robustness needed in dynamic infrastructures.

All relevant RAID levels (0, 1, 1+0, 5 and 6) are available allowing data to be flexibly, speedily and securely protected. Furthermore, the storage based RAID Migration feature allows LUNs to be dynamically moved between different RAID groups and drives without interrupting operations. Your data can therefore be relocated to high-speed or lower-cost drives depending on its access frequency and importance.

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series also protect data on drives by Data Block Guard. This function adds a check code to each data block. By checking these codes at multiple points within the system, data consistency can be guaranteed. Should data corruption occur, ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series can detect the situation and initiate recovery actions thanks to Data Block Guard.

Cache data protection during power outages

In many storage systems, cached data is at risk. This is not the case with ETERNUS DX400/DX8000. All new data being added to the storage unit is replicated in two cache memories until destaged to disk. Cache coherency, after a catastrophic power failure, is also maintained indefinitely. This is because the cache is automatically destaged to disk upon power failure, through the employment of an internal battery backup system.

Data Encryption

In line with personal information protection legislation, America's Sarbanes Oxley act and Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, enterprise information and its security has gained greater significance, especially from a corporate social responsibility standpoint. Unauthorized or accidental access to stored and sensitive information must be blocked. ETERNUS disk storage systems provide a Data Encryption function that directly addresses such requirements. Supported by the 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption function, as standard, ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series prevent data leakage even when disk drives are removed from storage enclosures or data center.

Online high speed backup

DX400/DX8000 series offer the Advanced Copy function for online high-speed backup. There are three types of Advanced Copy function depending on the mechanisms you require for copy creation, such as "Mirror Breaking", "Background Copy" and "Copy-on-write" methods which Fujitsu calls "Equivalent Copy (EC)", "One Point Copy (OPC)", and "SnapOPC+".
Equivalent Copy provides the capability to create volume replicas within a system, then suspend and resume their associations using synchronous and asynchronous technology. OPC (One Point Copy) is a full volume clone. It copies the entire source data and provides full backup of multi-generation data. SnapOPC+ is the implementation of Snapshots on ETERNUS DX400/DX8000. It only copies data images prior to update. This enables size reductions in destination disk capacity. With ETERNUS DX400 series, up to 4,096 snapshot sessions are supported, while ETERNUS DX8000 series can support up to 16,364 snapshot sessions.

Disaster recovery

To protect critical data from disaster ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 provides a server-less remote mirroring function called Remote Equivalent Copy. It ensures fast recovery when your primary site disk storage system becomes at risk. By using Fibre Channel interfaces, Remote Advanced Copy can provide synchronous lower cost remote site support up to a maximum distance of 10km between the primary storage device and a secondary device.

Disaster recovery via direct network link using iSCSI interface

Disaster recovery via direct network link using iSCSI interface

If asynchronous data replication is required to a remote site hundreds of kilometers away from the primary site, an Extended Remote Advanced Copy, based on Fibre Channel or iSCSI, supports very long distance replication over WAN. Using iSCSI interfaces, as shown in the figure above, device installation and circuit costs can be reduced, as no Fibre channel switches or SAN gateway devices are required. With these functions, DX400/DX8000 series provide high security that can protect critical data from both man-made and natural disasters.

Innovation, scalability and speed
The innovative ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series meet the technical requirements for data center operations.

Flexible operation management

The modular ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 architecture is fully prepared for storage growth. Any rapid increase in storage capacity is no longer a problem as controller power, cache and host interfaces can be easily increased.

Capacity virtualization

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 support Thin Provisioning. This is a technology that reduces physical storage deployment, using virtual storage techniques. This maximizes storage availability while using the least amount of physical storage. The extreme scalability of ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 disk storage systems makes them ideal platforms for extensive and substantial storage consolidation.

Support for state-of-the-art storage media

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 support FC disk drives, Nearline SATA disk drives and Solid State Drives (SSD) to offer a range of data management options.
In addition all drive types can be mixed as required in the same drive enclosures. Your data can therefore be located on the appropriated medium, according to the service levels you require. This allows you to match exact requirements, including cost, speed, access times, lifespan and ease of use.

Preventive exchange while maintaining redundancy

Nearline SATA disk drives have ever-increasing capacities. Recovery times when a disk fails continue to grow. This means the risk of another disk failing during recovery also increases. For example, a failed one terabyte RAID5 configuration typically requires a number of days to rebuild. This leads to the possibility that a failure will occur on other disks and data will be lost. To counter this ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series extend their RAID data protection to include the initiation of recovery as soon as early signs of potential failure appear. Redundant Copy enables preventive drive replacement, based on error threshold monitoring, This minimizes the risk of permanent data loss during the recovery process by ensuring data redundancy. With Redundant Copy, ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series go a step beyond RAID in providing a high level of reliability.

Power-saving operation

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 are among the most energy efficient storage systems in their class. Setting Eco-mode, which uses MAID technology, will reduce power consumption and heat dissipation by shutting down the rotation of disks not being accessed. For example, you can stop nominated disks based on daily backup schedules, if they are not used during daily operations. DX400/DX8000 series, are the first systems on the market with this function, and can provide a significant contribution towards a green data center.

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series can be used flexibly in a variety of ways

ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 have up to 128 Fibre Channel or 64 iSCSI host interfaces making them suitable for a large range of applications. These include high-availability applications, storage consolidation, and critical company applications, such as access to databases or e-mail, archiving and data back-up. ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series are ideal for use in virtual server environments under VMware and Hyper-V.

In addition, ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser, storage management software, provides you with the ability to configure and monitoring of a whole SAN environment containing ETERNUS storage systems. It can also be used to manage the relationship between virtual storage as viewed from the host server and actual physical storage. This enables the whole of your storage system's configuration to be visualized, including all virtual server environments.

Unique features of ETERNUS DX400/DX8000

- Dynamic data transfer from LUN to LUN (RAID Migration) while business operations continue.
- Additional data protection for drives via check code use (Data Block Guard).
- Preventative drive replacement, based on error threshold monitoring, ensures data redundancy (Redundant Copy).
- Optional encryption of data on the RAID system (Data Encryption) for highest levels of data security.
- Drives can be spun down to save energy (Eco-mode).
- 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel connections achieve faster data transfers.