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Faster, more efficient data protection for businesses of all sizes

September 7, 2011

You may know the following scenario: The volume of data at your company is increasing all the time.
Do you find yourself gradually running out of storage space? Are there more and more copies to be saved and then to be stored as back-up copies as well? How much valuable storage space is wasted through this? What about high networking costs for disaster protection? Not even to consider the administration costs – especially if there are budget constraints.

Well, we have the solution you need right here: ETERNUS CS800 from Fujitsu. We have combined back-up to disk with deduplication – and radically simplified them both. Utilizing most advanced deduplication technology ETERNUS CS800 reduces radically the cost for backup through disk capacity savings of up to 95%.
Delivering the functionality in a pre-integrated, optimized and ready to use system it minimizes the cost and time for implementation and operations. Just plug it in, hook it up to the network, introduce the back-up software and ETERNUS CS800 will do all the rest.
Integrated replication functionality copies data automatically on remote sites to protect them against disasters. The combination of data deduplication with replication reduces the amount of data which has to be transferred over longer distances by a factor up to 20 allowing to integrate local backups into central systems and to save network costs.

With the third generation of ETERNUS CS800 data protection appliances we provide a significant performance increase as well as new functions like the SPEED mode.
ETERNUS CS800 is by far more easy to use, is more efficient in operations and shows better results in deduplication compared with pure software solutions in combination with standard disk systems.

Call or mail us and ask about ETERNUS CS800 from Fujitsu.