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ETERNUS CS Efficient Data Protection for Enterprises and the Mid-market

October 26, 2010

Fujitsu delivers greater disaster resilience, even across long distances, plus a unique archiving approach for consolidated, flexible, and cost-effective use of disk or tape storage media

Businesses of all sizes have never before had a greater need for efficient data protection. Society depends more on IT than ever before in history, especially with the prevalence of computer-centered business processes, and the rise of social networks and digital publishing. The rates of exponential growth in unstructured and duplicated/replicated data are unlikely to slow, while fierce competition through globalization continues to drive the search for ever greater efficiency as we emerge slowly out of global recession. Lastly, environmental changes further pressure the allocation of scarce resources and drive up energy costs, while extreme natural disasters, such as fires in Russia, or flooding in Pakistan, focus attention on the risks of failure.

To meet the requirements of customers Fujitsu offers now the fifth generation of its ETERNUS CS High End data protection appliance for larger enterprises, and the second generation of its ETERNUS CS800 S2 Data Protection Appliance for mid-sized and smaller businesses.

Key developments in the new generation include significant improvements for disaster protection even across countries or continents, with cascaded appliances and replication of deduplicated backup data. Support of mixed-media archiving requirements is now possible within a consolidated disaster protection environment. Cost of disk backup can also be further reduced, by leveraging the entire ETERNUS CS appliance range with deduplication technology.

Highlights of the ETERNUS CS800 S2

With the second generation of our deduplication solution ETERNUS CS800 S2 we release a new NAS entry model (Network Attached Storage), which fits perfectly with branch office solutions. Additionally we introduce a VTL model (Virtual Tape Library), which allows easy replacement of existing tape based solutions. ETERNUS CS800 S2 offers also double the capacity compared to S1 and performance enhancements up to 3.6TB/h.

ETERNUS CS800 innovations at a glance:

  • ETERNUS CS800 S2 NAS model with double storage capacity
    • Supports fast disk backups in Ethernet infrastructures
    • Broad range of scalability from 16 TB up to 160 TB native disk capacity
    • Additional NAS entry model with 4 TB native disk capacity
    • Support for Symantec OpenStorage
  • Additional ETERNUS CS800 S2 VTL model
    • Supports fast disk backup in fibre channel infrastructures
    • From 32 up to 160 TB native disk capacity
    • Support of Path-to-Tape for long-term data retention
    • Disaster resilient data protection for the ETERNUS CS High End Deduplication Option
  • Architecture designed for double performance with up to 3.6 TB/h

Highlights of the ETERNUS CS High End V5

ETERNUS CS High End V5.0 reacts immediately to the most important requirements in data protection: Archiving and disaster resilience.

Archiving: For legal and compliance reasons certain data must protected for long periods, sometimes decades or longer. But the protection requirements of long term archiving differ from those of standard backups. ETERNUS CS High End V5.0 is the perfect KPMG certified solution, matched to the requirements of long term data archiving.

  • Now offered with an additional NAS file interface
  • Plus the ability to store data on media of your choice (Classic tape, WORM tape, disk or deduplication store)

Disaster resiliency with asynchronous data replication: With ETERNUS CS High End V5.0, customers have the choice to replicate data either directly onto another ETERNUS CS High End (Cascaded system) or to replicate deduplicated data using the new CS High End Deduplication.

ETERNUS CS High End innovations at a glance:

  • Additional Disk Interface for file archiving
    • CIFS/NFS frontend connectivity for dynamic infrastructures
    • ETERNUS CS disk and tape storage tiers for HSM
    • Certificated for archiving solutions and over KPMG
  • Enhanced storage tier for backup and archiving
    • Data deduplication for data on disk
    • Deduplicated data replication over long distances
    • Physical WORM tape for long term archiving
  • Cascaded architectures with native tape format
    • Cascaded long distance VTL replication
    • Long distance branch office integration
    • Disaster resilient data protection with multiple sites