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Fujitsu: New FRAM solution for automotive applications

Non-volatile memory technology with extended temperature range / Compliant with AEC Q100

Fujitsu Electronics Europe

Langen, February 02, 2017

Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) has launched its new FRAM solution MB85RS256TY. It is the first component of a completely new product group which is designed for an operating temperature of up to 125°C and is qualified according to the AEC Q100 industry standard, making it particularly suitable for use in the automotive sector. With the new series, FEEU wants to serve various applications in the automotive market and support innovative projects.

FEEU Fram Image

The ever increasing demand from the automotive industry for electronic control systems, which access a wide variety of sensor data, has led to a growing demand for high-performance non-volatile memory technology. Only in this way can data collected by sensors be reliably stored without a delay - for example, for analysis purposes or for other forms of data processing. Because FRAM (ferroelectric RAM) is non-volatile, provides high-speed random access and has high write endurance, it satisfies the requirements of such applications in an optimal manner. FRAM reduces system complexity and increases data integrity by allowing instant and continuous data storage in applications such as air bag data storage, event data recorders (EDR), battery management systems (BMS), automatic driving assistance systems (ADAS) or navigation and infotainment systems.

The new automotive FRAM product MB85RS256TY offers a 256kbit FRAM with SPI interface and an extended operating voltage range of 1.8 to 3.6V. The operating temperature of this device ranges from -40°C to +125°C. This extended temperature range meets the standard requests from the automotive market as well as industrial applications within hot environments. MB85RS256TY offers a write endurance of 1013 and is housed in a standard SOP-8 package.

“The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history”, says Dr. Klaus-Peter Dyck, senior manager marketing & application at FEEU. “With products such as our new FRAM solution we support innovative companies, enabling them to make their ideas a reality. We act as a gateway for components from all around the world while providing expert consultancy throughout each project. In this way, we find a solution for every challenge and accelerate our clients’ innovation process.”

Engineering samples of MB85RS256TY are available now. AEC Q100 qualifications are scheduled to be completed in July 2017.

About Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU)

Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH entered the market as a global distributor on 1 January 2016. FEEU markets complex solutions developed in-house, by Fujitsu (and former Fujitsu) companies and third-party manufacturers. FEEU’s ‘best in class’ approach ensures that customers only receive the best product in a segment. The key markets for FEEU are automotive, manufacturing and communications. FEEU offers its solutions via direct sales, via its own web shop or via distribution partners. The company operates from offices in Langen (near Frankfurt), Munich, Milan, Budapest and Istanbul. FEEU sees itself as an innovation accelerator – helping its customers to break down barriers, and realise their roadmaps both rapidly and while maintaining optimum quality.
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Press Release ID: PR1091
Datum: 02 February, 2017
City: Langen
Unternehmen: Fujitsu Electronics Europe