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  5. Fujitsu Maintenance and Service Desk rise the availability of PoS devices of Reitan Convenience

Fujitsu Maintenance and Service Desk rise the availability of PoS devices of Reitan Convenience

"The response time is improved and, according to an internal survey we conducted, the quality of service is admirable. This enables us to be more competitive and provide a better customer experience."

Gustav Almqvist, CIO, Reitan Convenience

The customer

Reitan Convenience currently has 2,450 stores and 17,000 employees in seven countries, offering products and services to customers when and where they want them. It is the second largest convenience company in Europe, and leads the market in all the countries in which it has a presence. In Sweden, it operates over 500 stores under brands including 7-Eleven, Shell/7-Eleven and Pressbyran, with a franchisee salesforce of around 3,500.

The challenge

Reitan Convenience Sweden wanted to replace its existing IT partner with a local Swedish vendor that could provide cost-effective service desk support, field engineering and application management.

The solution

The company turned to existing field services sub-contractor, Fujitsu, to provide it with a full range of first, second and third line service desk, central and local application management, data transfer and the co-ordination and installation of in-store IT equipment.

The benefit

  • 15 percent reduction in tickets and increase in first line resolution with 98 percent of incidents resolved within 60 seconds
  • Local support means response times have improved and the quality of service has risen, enabling a better customer experience
  • Fujitsu manages all new store installations, reducing the burden on internal IT resources
  • Reduced expenditure despite no longer offshoring its service desk capability


Read the full Reitan Convenience case study (202 KB/A4, 2 pages)