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Fujitsu SecDocs as a Quantum Leap for German Federal Deployment Agency

"We are making more and more of our business processes electronic. By introducing a long-term archiving system that stores documents in a manner suitable for use in court, we are creating a foundation from which we can further expand our E-Government activities here at the Federal Employment Agency. In Fujitsu, we have a competent and experienced partner which is helping us to run our electronic processes securely with SecDocs"

Mathias Ehlers, Head of the eArchiv-Service project at the Federal Employment Agency

The customer

The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) is the largest service provider in the German job market. As a self-governing public body, it acts independently within the relevant legal frameworks. The BA provides a wide range of services to both citizens and companies and institutions in the employment and education markets. It has a large network of agencies and job centers (joint facilities) across the country where it provides its services. The agency’s employees inform citizens of employment and educational opportunities and provide advice on vocational training and further education. The Federal Employment Agency is additionally responsible for measures designed to create and maintain jobs, such as promoting professional and vocational training and helping to get people with disabilities into work. Its role also includes paying unemployment, insolvency and child benefits, carrying out research into the job market and careers and producing statistics.

The challenge

Project management and implementation of the ‘LeAR - Lifecycle eArchiv’ solution. The aim of the project is to integrate an audit-proof and legally compliant long-term archive that maintains the evidentiary value of the documents within it for all clients of the eAkte DMS product and other procedures at the Federal Employment Agency.

The solution

FUJITSU Security Solution Compliant Archiving SecDocs (powered by OpenLimit), FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS HE.

The benefit

  • Implementation of a certified standard product
  • FUJITSU SecDocs is based on an open standard and can be used irrespective of the storage and applications available
  • The multi-client capability ensures that various legal bodies and other public sector customers can be connected to the system in a way that complies with the law
  • The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS HE is used both as archive storage and as a virtual tape library for data storage