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Looking Back on FY 2012

Picture: Corporate Executive Advisor (Environmental Strategy) Atsuhisa Takahashi & Head of Unit, Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit Minoru Takeno

The Fujitsu Group practices environmental management along two dimensions, i.e. making environmental contributions to customers and society, and pursuing reductions in our own environmental impact.

For the Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program (Stage VI), which covered the three years beginning with FY 2010, we achieved all of our targets, including four we revised upward. In two examples of our achievements as of the end of FY 2012, we contributed to a cumulative 15.61 million tons of CO2 emission reductions by customers and society from the beginning of FY 2009, and reduced total GHG emissions by 24.4% compared to FY 1990.

In FY 2012, we began to incubate an expanded range of environmentally focused business services. In one example, we began offering services based on our Environmental Management Dashboard, which visually represents, and forecasts, energy use volumes. We also began providing a cloud service usage environment to organizations working to conserve biodiversity, and engaged in other forms of cooperation with stakeholders and society to further promote protection of the global environment.

From FY 2013, we have embarked on efforts to expand contributions to the environment by doing even more to promote the use and application of ICT in society as a whole in ways consistent with our recently formulated Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII). Environmental initiatives cannot be successfully undertaken by a single company working in isolation. Through an even greater level of dialogue with our stakeholders, we will strive to promote the use of ICT for green innovation.

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