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Governments across the Caribbean all choose to do business with Fujitsu.

As a leading supplier of IT solutions and services to regional governments, government agencies, and education authorities, Fujitsu strongly supports Government's intention to modernise. Through the effective deployment of IT and e-Business services, Fujitsu is transforming service delivery to the citizen as well as improving operational efficiency and effectiveness of government bodies.

Some of our successful government projects include:

  • In Trinidad, the Ministry of Legal Affairs has contracted Fujitsu to implement the first integrated civil/population registry in the region. This project also includes the backfile conversion of population information from existing agencies.
  • We expanded access to the police information systems which were previously delivered by Fujitsu in 97-98 and delivered complete IT infrastructure to the Ministry of National Security, Central Statistical Office, National Insurance Board and the Board of Inland Revenue in Trinidad.
  • In Barbados, Fujitsu laid the new 622 Mb/s backbone ATM network for the Central Bank.
  • We also delivered and implemented enterprise IT infrastructure at the Ministry of Public Works, National Insurance Scheme, Ministry of Agriculture and the Electoral Commission. The Ministry of Finance also commissioned its Fujitsu/Nortel based Frame Relay/ATM network in 1999.
  • FINSAC in Jamaica looked to Fujitsu to bring them on-line with e-mail and Internet Services and we completed the installation of the development environment for the Tax Administration Reform Project.